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How AI Transforms The Call Centers And Bringing Them To The Next Level

By Special Guest
July 13, 2021

The Call centers market is estimated to reach a revised size of $496 billion by 2027.  For the next 7-year period, it will rise to 5.9% CAGR. However, modern companies are leveraging AI or Artificial Intelligence to drive positive results, make it a stronger brand, and get more significant revenues. The AI solutions will detect the customer sentiments and will help provide positive results.

Artificial Intelligence has lately made its way in many sectors, right from top IT industries to entertainment industries like gaming and gambling and so on. For example, the top-notch casinos online also provide games based on the liking and preferences of the customers. The AI technology leverages the customer needs and requirements and helps provide customized services.

AI Changing the Way towards Actionable Insights

Call Centers are performance-based, and they rely on keen oversight and careful scripting. The use of AI technology helps carry out in-depth analysis to enhance the overall performance and also helps to reduce the call time. So, this technology is fully leveraged in many call centers to help analyze the lower satisfaction rates and induce longer call times. Here are a few benefits of using AI in call centers.

  • Customers do not like the ‘Hold Times’: There is mass usage of smartphones and customer-friendly apps. So, the brands use these modes to connect with their customers seamlessly. But, on the other hand, the customer nowadays would never tolerate the endless hold times. So, AI helps with leveraging the time and helping provide the answers to the customers instantly without any ‘hold time.’
  • Use of AI-Based Chatbots: The companies use modern AI-based Chatbots that help with premium consumer experience, shorter wait times, and best support to the human agents. So, these modern Chatbots help in leveraging the chats over calling the customer care representatives.
  • Using Big Data: The call centers collect a huge amount of data, so the AI technology goes hand-in-hand with Big Data. It helps humans first to organize, interpret, and analyze before getting any actionable insights. Artificial Technology helps in consuming, learning, and comprehending the data in lesser time.
  • Check the Agent’s Profile: It is essential to keep a check on the agent’s profile also along with the customers. Like, some agents cannot handle the negative callers, and a few others excel in that. So, AI can help to provide those calls to the agents that match their profile. If an agent is great at selling products, and the customers who have just downloaded the brand’s app, can help with the choice of products by taking care of their preferences. So, for selling the brand’s products, you must not only focus on the consumer profile but the agent’s profile too.
  • Get Actionable Insights: The AI-based technology helps to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and retention rates. Moreover, it will support the customers to guide the customers through the collected data. So, this can assist in averting the poor experience and service. In addition, even AI helps with cost-saving because it gives real-time feedback to the companies.


Businesses are always looking forward to providing the best customer experience to the users. So, the use of AI-based technology makes the whole process quite seamless and personalized. It will help the customer care centers to provide a great call center experience to the customers and not put them on hold for a long time.

You must leverage your data and seek these benefits that will help call centers with the data-driven approach. When combined with modern technology, customer satisfaction not only helps generate revenues but also builds a stronger brand.

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