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3 Fun things to do with your customer service team after returning to the office

By Special Guest
Marinus Nutma.
July 27, 2021

Finally, the end of the pandemic is near. After two years of working at home or at flex work stations, it’s time to go back to the office. But don’t expect everything to go back to normal in a heartbeat. Most employees are not used to the office vibe anymore, and sometimes it’s hard to get back to it so easily. That’s why you should rebuild and reconnect with your colleagues. But how are you going to do that? We’ve been thinking about that too. And that’s why we’ve come up with 3 fun things to do as icebreakers. Interested? Scroll down!

1.Go out for lunch

Restaurants and cafes have opened their doors, why would you bring your own sandwich if you could just eat out? And what better way to eat lunch than with your colleagues. Rent a van (Dutch: personenbus huren) so you might even get to have a little glass of champagne to toast on your return to the office. Want to go with your whole team? Rent a van for 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren)! This way, the whole team will feel like you’re on some kind of small trip.

2.Office pubquiz

You’ve probably done many virtual pub quizzes via Zoom during the pandemic and those were probably a big hit. So, organise a big ‘welcome back to the office’ quiz. Sounds like great fun to us! Organise a pub quiz about anything office related. Such as sayings or things your boss always did (which you would almost have missed). Make sure there’s enough to drink and eat and we’re sure you’ll  get the team spirit going within a few days.

3.Play some games

Play some old-fashioned games with all the colleagues. They definitely don’t have to be childish. But go and think of some fun games where every employee gets to meet each other again. For example, ask all your colleagues to bring a baby/toddler picture. Put those pictures on a wall and number them. Then, everyone needs to connect which picture belongs to which colleague.

Another fun game to play is ‘10 things in common’. This is a game where you divide employees into groups of 4 or 5. Then the group has 10 minutes to come up with 10 things they have in common. For example, having been to Ibiza twice, having an aunt named Linda or owning a dog.

And the last game is: two truths and a lie. Most people know this game from their time as students, but during this time it probably was a drinking game. Now, it can be used as a game to get to know eachother even better. The game is simple, you have to come up with weird truths and one lie. Then, other people have to guess and you might surprise your colleagues with a weird truth.

Are you ready to go back to the office? Try out one of these things!

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