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Team building tips for customer service departments

By Special Guest
Marinus Nutma
August 10, 2021

For many organizations, customer service is one of the most important departments. It is the place where all complaints and questions end up. A good and motivated team is therefore very important. In this article you will find a number of team building tips that will keep your customer service team motivated and inspired.

What are team building activities?

Team building activities can range from a short game to a team building outing. A game promotes work ethic and cooperation within the team. People want to win a game and can achieve it by working well together. A team building outing is an activity where the group goes. A game of paintball could be a good example for a team building outing. An activity where fun is part of the team building creates an optimal atmosphere.

Who participates in team building?

The idea of ??team building is to have a group of people stand closer to each other. It is therefore important to bring the entire group to the activity. If no one is left behind, it ensures that the group becomes one. Therefore, make sure that the entire group is available for the activity. It is very important that no one feels left out, this can be prevented by checking the number of people if duos have to be made or that the group is split into 2 groups so that no one is left behind.

Day start

Start the day with a day start. This is also called a stand-up. During the start, a team leader can tell you what points to pay attention to that day. It is also a good time to bring everyone up to speed on what is going on. For example, if there is a certain common complaint or if there is a special action for customers. It is also a good time to celebrate birthdays and other festive moments together.

Incentives to keep motivation high

Rewards can be very motivating. It is also good for the team spirit. Rewards do not have to be expensive. They can be found in the smallest things. For example, on holidays you can make sure that there is good food and drink available, so that employees still feel that the holiday is not passing them by. Another way is to give a gift if a certain target is met. For example, you can print a sweater (translation: sweater bedrukken) with a nice quote and your organization's logo. Or you can give a gift certificate to the employee who has retained the most customers.

Team building outings

It's obvious, but team building outings strengthen the bond between employees. By doing an activity together, employees get to know each other better and the team feeling gets stronger. Examples of fun teambuilding outings are an escape room or a murder dinner. For team building outings, you can print a beach flag (translation: beachflag bedrukken) and take a fun photo for it.That way you will immediately increase your brand recognition!

Keep up to date with developments

Last but not least, it is very important for customer service employees to be kept informed of all developments within the company. Not only because the employees then know what is going on and get to know everything about the organization's identity, but also to feel connected to the rest of the organization.

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