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Growing Your Call Center With Virtual Phone Systems

By Special Guest
Boris Dzhingarov
September 28, 2021

Virtual phone systems are taking the world of call centers by storm. This is because of the huge advantages associated with them. The truth is we are looking at a wonderful way to grow any call center.

If you want to learn more about VoIP, you can read this article. If you are interested in growing the call center, here’s why a virtual phone system is exactly what you need.

Lower Costs

It does not matter how large or small the call center is. You always have to think about running costs. With a virtual phone system, you actually save money. This automatically means that you get to increase your profits. Just think about the fact that a standard POTS (landline phone system) costs around $50 per month. With VoIP plans, you only pay around $20 per one line.

With the virtual phone system you get:

  • Direct Cost Savings – No need to worry about PBX costs, copper wiring charges, calling expenses are lower, and recurring expenses are also lower. You do not pay for add-on feature installations and remote work is possible.
  • Indirect Cost Savings – Several indirect cost savings are available. For instance, an auto attendant feature could let you repurpose manpower since you would not need someone to take messages and handle phone calls.

Increased Accessibility

A big advantage of using the VoIP system is you could make a call from literally anywhere. This means you can hire remote workers whenever needed and you do not have to worry about having a large onsite location. If you cannot answer calls, they can be forwarded to another line. A mobile employee remains productive regardless of location. And virtual phone systems will adapt to how the employees work.

Complete Portability

The virtual phone number is fully portable. It can be used regardless of location. If you will travel a lot, this is highly advantageous. Also, if the business ends up changing its address, the VoIP number can be retained.

High Scalability

When it is time to grow the call center, you do not have to buy an extra dedicated line or expensive hardware. This can be highly advantageous when dealing with situations like:

  • Opening brand new branch offices.
  • Getting ready for demand spikes when you are on holiday.

Your preferences can be toggled instantly and you do not have to buy something new for growth to happen.

Access To Advanced Features

VoIP systems have several advanced features, like call transferring and auto attendant. You can even have one person manage several things at once. All this is possible because of the several advanced features you have access to.

For instance, let’s say that your call center is based somewhere in Charlotte. With a virtual phone system, you can serve clients in all US states. You are not bound to Charlotte. Also, with the use of an auto attendant feature, the business can seem to be much lower than it actually is.

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