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Best Practices for Law Firm Customer Service

By Contributing Writer
October 12, 2021

Customer service isn’t an easy aspect of any business. In fact, it can be one of the hardest areas to perfect, whether it’s your primary offering or only a secondary component of your business. It is especially hard to implement at law firms because there are specific nuances to what customer service actually means. For example, customer service ranges from monitoring intake calls at your law firm to understanding that customer service doesn’t always end when a case does. These best practices for law firm customer service can help you provide your clients with an outstanding experience every time they contact your office.

Set Up Communication Expectations

The first step toward superior customer service at law firms is to set up communication expectations with each client. Not every customer has the same need for communication, so you’ll need to find out what each customer expects and whether or not you can deliver on those expectations. Usually, you’ll be able to work out a communication schedule and preferred communication methods to satisfy all parties. However, if you don’t think you’ll be able to keep your communication promises because of a client’s demanding expectations, you’ll find this out right away and you’ll be able to give them a referral for another law firm.

Create a Standardized Intake Process

Customer intake is the point when your customer service could be the difference between gaining and losing a client. You want to ensure your customer intake process is standard for everyone who contacts your office so that you can see at a glance whether a client is a good match for you, how they prefer to communicate, and a case’s progress. Your intake process should be well-defined and documented so that everyone in the office can complete the intake procedures with no problems.

Your intake process should also be straightforward for the client so they understand why you’re asking certain questions and what their responsibilities are.  For example, part of your intake process should review billing procedures so that a client isn’t surprised when they receive a bill. Nothing makes a client more upset than getting a bill they aren’t expecting. Be clear when you’re going through the intake process about why you’re gathering certain information. In fact, you can even say, “I’m asking this question to make sure we’re the right fit for your case.” This leaves no doubt in the client’s mind as to the purpose of your questions.

Simplify the Law

Keep in mind that while you went to law school and understand the nuances that come with each case, your client probably does not grasp the finer points of the legal system. They hired you to simplify the law for them and to make sure they know the consequences of each decision they’re asked to make. Even if you think a concept is easy, it might not be and good customer service involves making it comprehensible for your client. If you’re able to demystify the legal world for your client, you’re sure to be rated high for customer service.


Your specialty may be the law, but if you want to stay in business for as long as possible, you have to understand customer service as well. Delivering a smooth experience for your client will translate into referrals and other business opportunities that can grow your practice and your bottom line.

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