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Top 5 largest technology companies and which startups to keep on eye on in 2022

By Contributing Writer
Marinus Nutma
October 14, 2021

Technology companies have become a dominant driver of economic growth, consumer preferences and financial markets. For example, the largest technology stocks as a group have dramatically outperformed the broader market over the past decade. That's because technology has significantly reshaped the way people communicate, consume information, shop, socialize and work. Today, technology is one of the most powerful sectors shaping the global economy, driving change and setting trends.

In general, companies in the technology sector are engaged in the research, development and manufacture of technology-based goods and services. The main business activities related to the technology industry include; computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductor, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. They also offer products and services related to information technology.


Company name:




$ 260.17 billion


Samsung Electronics

$ 197.71 billion


Hon Hai Precision Industry

$ 172.87 billion



$ 161.86 billion



$ 125.84 billion

Interesting Dutch startups to keep an eye on in 2022


The Swapfiets bicycle subscription makes it possible to borrow a bicycle at all times of the day. The startup expects to have 100,000 subscribers by the end of this year who will always have a working bicycle for a fixed amount per month. Nijhof: “They have proven their business model at an early stage, offer a lifetime warranty, have excellent service and also have enormous potential in an emerging market.”


Wizenoze wants to make the internet more accessible for students: from primary school to vocational education. Finding relevant information via the Internet has become an almost impossible task for students. Founder Diane Janknegt's company uses artificial intelligence to analyze the reading level of online texts in order to provide readable information. Wizenoze also guarantees that the information is suitable for education and is reliable; something that is very difficult for young people to assess in a digital world where 'fake news' seems to be gaining the upper hand. For example, the Web for Classrooms tool is being integrated into online education platforms to enrich digital textbooks. Nijhof: “Their technology is unique and their business model is perfect. That will make them a great acquisition candidate for a company like Google.”

Joe Merino

Joe has been developing the perfect basics merino wool range since 2011 for the man who believes in stylish simplicity. In doing so, we always remain faithful to our principles: refined, luxurious, high-quality, sustainable and with a wide choice of colors for the best possible price. We also apply the condition that everything from Joe must be washable in the washing machine. You can buy comfortable clothing like a merino woollen v-neck sweater (Dutch: v hals trui heren) and sweatpants for men (Dutch: sweatpants heren).


The Polarsteps app automatically tracks your route and the places you've visited during a trip. You just take your phone with you in your pocket and the app automatically creates a travel report. In March 2016, the company raised 500,000 euros in investment money, a year later another 900,000 euros. Polarsteps wants to become a platform where travelers can plan, record and document all their routes.

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