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What Is A VoIP Phone And Should You Use One?

By Contributing Writer
Rosana Beechum
December 23, 2021

It seems that every day a new piece of technology is introduced. Some of these new additions become integral to our daily lives, such as the smartphone or the laptop. However, some pieces of tech drift off into obscurity before the general public fully understands what it is all about.

It seems that the newest development worth talking about is the VoIP cell phone. So, what are VoIP cell phones, and are they worth using? Let’s take a look.

What Is A VoIP Cell Phone?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol technology. This string of jargon might not mean much to the average person, so let’s break down what this means. Basically, you can use this tech to carry your voice over the internet instead of radio waves.. Think of it like an internet phone call.

A VoIP cell phone is able to make calls from a number of different devices. So long as a device is connected to the internet, the operator can use it to talk to a recipient just as if it were a real landline phone. This means that you can use VoIP technology to make or take phone calls from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Almost everyone has one or more of these devices on their person.

A person with a VoIP cell phone only needs to register one phone number and it is then shared across all of these devices. But what are the benefits of doing this?


The most obvious benefit of using VoIP is its convenience. As long as you are within reach of one of the devices listed above, you can take a phone call.

Furthermore, this system is entirely portable. You can bring your tablet or smartphone anywhere and, so long as you can connect to the internet, you can take calls. This means that you can reach people in difficult locations such as the subway, in the countryside or even on a plane. In terms of telephone technology, these places were all out of bounds before. VoIP has broken down barriers for communication unlike anything that has come before.

There seems to be no shortage of uses for a VoIP enabled device.

Better Connection

Another advantage of using VoIP technology over traditional devices is that the quality of calls is often much clearer. A lot can get in the way of, or disrupt a regular phone call. These frequencies aren’t as strong anymore, which means they are far more likely to drop out.

VoIP is a much needed improvement over traditional calling methods. The internet is able to carry a stronger signal between devices, and there is nothing that can really stop a Wi-Fi signal reaching its designated target. Try thinking of VoIP as the HD version of a phone call and you are on the right lines.

Communication is much crisper with Voip, so much so that you will wonder how you ever understood people without it.

It’s Cheaper

Regular phone providers require you to sign up to a network and pay monthly. Sometimes you are billed for each call on top of your monthly plan, and other times you have to pay for an additional data package. This process only gets more expensive if you have more than one phone to pay for.

However, with VoIP you are billed only for your internet usage. This means that you are paying for your phone number and internet all in one lump sum. If you have a family, you can put everyone on the same system. It is even more cost effective if you are running a business.

As long as you have a reliable and affordable internet connection, you can enjoy a cheaper communication alternative with VoIP.

Allows For Multitasking

While on the topic of business, let’s look at just how effective VoIP can be in this scenario.

There is a lot to do in one business day, and a phone call can interrupt everything. The last thing you want is to have to stop a task and speak at length over the phone. It breaks up your rhythm.

With VoIP, you can be typing away in a document on your laptop while a business partner discusses important details through the same device.

The multitasking capabilities for VoIP are almost limitless, and this benefit can extend to your employees as well. You can communicate with everyone at once without interrupting the busy work day.

Why You Might Not Want To Use Voip

It is clear that VoIP is a very handy piece of tech to have in the modern era. However, just because something is useful it doesn’t mean that it is without flaws.

One flaw that comes from using VoIP is that your connection is only ever going to be as strong as your broadband. If you have a less than effective internet provider, you may find that the service struggles. This is not the fault of VoIP, of course, so make sure that your internet is up to scratch before you sign up.

Secondly, it can be a bit overwhelming for new users. VoIP is a user friendly piece of technology, but not everyone is built to deal with this much at one time. Some people have only just mastered the smartphone.

These aren’t reasons to avoid VoIP, just some things to keep in mind when evaluating its effectiveness for the individual.

You Are Future Proofed

With all that said, the one reason that you should consider using VoIP for yourself is that it is a good way to future proof yourself.

As you can see from this article, there are many advantages to using VoIP. A lot of these advantages replace the need for more classic tech which is how new avenues of communication are formed.

It is never a bad idea to get ahead of the curve, and it seems that the curve on the horizon includes VoIP in some way. Therefore, it is probably wise to get up to date with this new tech instead of being left behind.

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