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Pro and Contra of Using AI for Customer Support in Online Casinos

By Contributing Writer
Anna Melnikova
June 06, 2022

The spread of the use of artificial intelligence in various services puts a choice for many businessmen whether to switch to AI for customer support service or to leave the usual scheme of working with live employees. Many large banks and corporations are increasingly displacing the use of a human workforce with AI, leaving employees with only a narrow sector of solving issues that AI cannot yet cope with. However, online casinos are afraid that the active introduction of AI in the support service will reduce the flow of visitors who would prefer to play on other sites.

Experience of Using AI in Online Casinos

Turning to the help of bots to communicate with customers is a fairly common practice for companies of various profiles including casinos. It is considered absolutely acceptable to all parties that a bot:

? Greets the visitor

? Familiarizes him with the casino policy and the rules for wagering casino bonus Canada

? Asks if a player has any questions and send him a link to a page where he can find answers

But in the same way, it is believed that if a visitor has a real question, then the faster a live employee enters into a dialogue between the visitor and the bot, the more likely it is that the client will not begin to accumulate irritation and the casino rating in his eyes will not creep down.

Arguments in Favor of Using AI in Online Casinos

Supporters and opponents of the active introduction of AI in the help desk were divided into two opposing camps. And while opponents scare the outflow of visitors, supporters argue that the effect will be just the opposite. They emphasize the following positive aspects of the use of AI:

? Constant communication with clients, especially demanding ones, can tire a live agent, which makes him more irritable. AI does not change his emotional state, which gives him a constant evenness in communication

? Bot is always correct and will never be rude, even if the client starts to behave in a boorish way

? It is always free and gives an instant response. The client does not have to wait in line until the operator is free

? AI ??has a high level of intelligence and access to a large database. Therefore, the casino becomes independent of the intellectual level of employees working in the support service.

Arguments Against Using AI

Opponents put forward two main arguments:

? The level of understanding of the essence of the problem, especially if it is confusing or the client does not state it clearly, is still low for AI. And then the bot's misunderstanding of his problem begins to annoy the visitor. The client may even form an opinion that everything is done in the online casino so that the difficulties of visitors simply cannot be solved.

? The issue of social responsibility. By actively introducing AI into the work of the support service, casino operators are drastically cutting jobs. This, in turn, spoils the image of online casinos as companies whose owners receive significant profits without creating jobs and allowing others to earn.

Each industry decides for itself to what extent and in what capacity to use AI. But as it improves, there are more and more supporters of replacing living agents with AI. Therefore, it is quite possible that in the nearest future the work of the support service will be fully automated.

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