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Rent-A-Center Using Video to Boost Customer Experiences

By Stefania Viscusi July 15, 2022

Video is leading the charge today. For both work and play, the consumption of video is growing exponentially. We use video to have face to face communications, to connect with brands and even to learn, train and understand.

Now, rent-to-own operator Rent-A-Center is boosting customer experiences with the use of video technology. The company announced it is now using SundaySky, a SaaS video platform so it can improve the rental experience and agreement process.

As part of the move, the company transitioned multiple pages of agreement terms and condensed them down into a 2.5 minute video that’s personalized for each customer. This has resulted in an increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) and has improved retention rates.

The new rental agreement videos are much easier to digest and feature a level of ultra-personalized experiences that customers today are demanding.

“We’re very aware of the fact that video has exploded, customer attention spans are dwindling and their experience with the brand is everything,” said Sarah Philips, VP of Marketing at Rent-A-Center. “Since the pandemic, we’ve significantly grown our online presence and needed a digital component to engage, inform and improve the customer experience. With SundaySky, we executed on that need in rapid time and without the need of traditional video production methods”

“Another important KPI is first payment non-renewal, which should improve now that we’ve found a medium and platform to better explain the transaction. What’s more, we’re coming up with even more ways to use video in the customer journey,” said Phillips.

For today’s enterprises, these videos need to be personalized and they need to be created in a short time frame.

Rent-A-Center's SaaS platform allowed SundaySky to distribute the videos across multiple touchpoints and multiple customer scenarios at scale. The campaign included a national launch after a successful two-week proof of concept pilot.

A new report from SundaySky “The Pulse On Professional Video,” found that most companies who are already using video today plan to continue into the future with a majority increasing how they are using video and the rate at which they are creating on a daily and weekly basis.

“Rent-A-Center is a glowing example of how quickly and efficiently major brands and enterprises can create, personalize and distribute video at scale today when technology is at the helm,” said Mark Tack, CMO at SundaySky. “Our research shows that three out of five organizations rely on traditional methods for video production, but Rent-A-Center’s video campaign illustrates the multifaceted benefits brands can expect when they create a customer-centric, data-driven and technology-enabled video strategy.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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