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Modern Call Center Technological Trends

By Contributing Writer
Louis Belgie
September 12, 2022

Even today, more than 50% of the people complain about the inefficient and unsatisfactory response they get from call centers. The arrival of the pandemic has significantly increased the importance of call centers. In this era of technological advancements, some call centers are also modernizing to enhance the customer service experience. Much like the modernizations happening in the world of online gambling, an example of which is the emergence of online casinos such as betFIRST.

Artificial intelligence is replacing the labor along with the provision of satisfactory customer service. Numerous organizations gather data and make decisions based on these data trends, reducing the chances of making a wrong decision. Technological tools such as virtual agents help personalize the customer experience and make it more interesting. The implementation of cloud communication is also growing, helping the agents gain the trust of the consumers. Most companies are using every possible way of communication to retain the present customers and attract new ones.

In this era of modernization of call centers, the most recent technological trends that are improving the aims of these call centers are listed below.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has dominated almost every industry since the beginning of the 21st century, including call centers. With the help of AI algorithms, these call centers are replacing the physical workers with chatbots, in simple and monotonous tasks. These chatbots neither take a break, nor get tired, improving the customer service experience. This also reduces the labor workforce burden on the firm, ultimately relieving its financial stress.

These AI algorithms also tell the agents about the behavior of the customers, making it easier for the agents to cater to the needs of the customer. The call routing is also controlled by AI based on the personality match between the employee and customer. This ensures a comfortable experience for both the customer and the agent.

Most call centers use AI to generate the agent’s specific greetings according to the customers, personalizing the customer experience. Therefore, AI helps make the customer service experience quick, efficient and personalized. Better customer service results in improved customer retention rate of the company.

2. Data analytics

Big data firms gather data from numerous sources including governmental organizations, MNCs, and  large-scale Industries etc. This data is used to forecast future trends and prepare for any anomalies before-hand, protecting the company from any unpredictable potential losses.

For instance, the data is used to predict any changes in the weather trends that may result in an explosion of inflow calls to the call centers. Similarly, if there is a big match in the town and it is somehow related to the inflow of calls, the data analytics can be used to predict such unusual trends. Once the data engineers predict these unusual trends, the firms can take measures to reduce any harmful effects of these anomalies

Therefore, data analytics is being integrated in the decision-making process of every firm to protect it from mankind any harmful decisions.

3. Omnichannel Communications

Today, the consumers like to be engaged actively by companies. They expect two-way communication, rather than the long-held traditional one-way means of communication. When customers register a complaint online, they expect a personalized response from the company they are paying. Consumers not only register complaints, but also provide the companies with suggestions to improve the customer experience.

This causes the companies to invest in every communication channel they possibly can, ranging from social media sites to routinely check-up calls by the agents. The increased social media presence of these companies result in their increased revenues as well. To make the experience more personalized, specific customers are time and again contacted by the same agent who is well aware of the historical ties of the employee with the company.

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