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The benefits of Salesforce phone system integration

By Contributing Writer
September 27, 2023

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM solutions, provides various software options to assist companies in effectively managing their customer relationships. This platform seamlessly integrates with other essential business applications such as customer service, marketing and sales, offering numerous benefits to organisations.

What is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration involves the process of combining Salesforce with other business applications to develop a unified user experience. Consequently, it is easy to mix third-party solutions with Salesforce capabilities. After the merge, Salesforce CRM users benefit from a unified experience across both platforms, with exceptional features. Salesforce integration empowers businesses by providing a clear view of customer behavioural data, including sales, service, marketing and commerce departments.

Salesforce phone integration helps companies to easily switch between platforms when doing specific tasks. It is termed a centralised platform. It strikes a balance between personalisation and process automation, aimed at meeting certain business needs of clients. This is the main reason why SMEs use Aircall, an integrated and intelligent telephone and communication platform.

The Working Principle of a Salesforce Phone Integration

Once Salesforce and your phone extension are merged, sales team members can easily review the call logs of certain clients in Salesforce once they call through the sales team's extension. This enables them to access additional caller details that can be added as an entry in Salesforce. Subsequently, they can establish a call connection with the customer and utilise the platform to add notes throughout the entire conversation.

Salesforce phone integration facilitates the automation of numerous processes within the company. Also, you can easily know where the calls are coming from. This way, you can connect customers directly to the team members without adding contacts manually or making calls outside the platform. You can use the telephony system in Salesforce to perform integration so as to link different computer systems.

Advantages of Salesforce Integrated Phone System

You can automatically perform several tasks with Salesforce integration, like creating custom fields, generating reports and collecting data. Below are some of the benefits of integrating your phone system with Salesforce.

Tracking KPIs

Salesforce integrated phone system enables easy tracking of KPIs (key performance indicators). This includes monitoring the number of calls made during a specific period, the duration of each call made and received, the number of incoming and outgoing calls and other essential data. This data is vital in tracking your sales team's performance and making necessary changes to improve the output.

Improve Productivity

Phone system integration helps you avoid unnecessary errors that occur during manual data entry (the process will be automated). You will not have any complications when you have the correct data. Every business needs to have accurate data on their staff, business activities and customers to effectively work toward improving productivity.

Easy to Access Data from Different Sources

Salesforce has the power to consolidate from different platforms. Therefore, thanks to this solution, you can create an accurate and advanced customer view. As a uniting CRM platform, users can access tools and APIs to help in time integration. Using less effort, you can access different sets of data from different sources.

Call Routing

Call routing is one of the most important features of a Salesforce-integrated phone system. Therefore, you can direct calls to specific customers or salespeople based on specific criteria. For instance, calls can be routed to the most experienced salesperson with a certain customer's account or the closest salesperson to the customer.


A phone system integrated with Salesforce can help you become more efficient and increase overall productivity. Additionally, it enables the generation and monitoring of both outgoing and incoming calls, redesigns marketing strategies based on customer interaction and automates processes. Salesforce phone integration proves to be a valuable resource for saving both time and money!

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