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TMC Labs CUSTOMER Innovation Award Winners Showcase the Transformative Power of Technology in Customer Service

By CustomerZone360 Staff October 23, 2023

The 2023 TMC Labs CUSTOMER Innovation Awards, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine, spotlight trailblazing solutions in contact center technology, underscoring the industry's commitment to enhancing customer experience. This year, Grupo NGN and Verint Systems distinguished themselves, each bringing a unique approach to innovation and addressing distinct facets of customer interaction.

Grupo NGN shined with its NGNCloudComm platform, an all-encompassing solution designed to revolutionize customer communications through a cloud-based system. It's particularly noted for its comprehensive nature, offering omnichannel communication tools that allow businesses to seamlessly engage with customers across various platforms. The platform's strength lies in its simplicity, scalability, and its capacity to streamline complex communications processes, thereby positioning Grupo NGN as a catalyst for efficient customer interaction.

On the other hand, Verint Systems impressed with its AI-driven platform, Verint Da Vinci AI. This system focuses on enhancing customer engagement by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate processes, glean insights, and elevate the quality of customer interactions. Verint's approach is founded on the integration of intelligent virtual assistants that support human agents, emphasizing a synergy between human touch and technological efficiency.

Despite their different focuses — with Grupo NGN emphasizing streamlined, cloud-based communications, and Verint leveraging the sophistication of AI — both companies exhibit a profound commitment to redefining customer service technology. Their innovations are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and customers alike, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Conclusively, the recognition of Grupo NGN and Verint by the 2023 TMC Labs CUSTOMER Innovation Awards underscores the transformative power of technology in customer service. As these companies continue to push the boundaries, they pave the way for future advancements, promising an era where technology not only supports but also elevates the quality of human interactions in the business sphere.

Grupo NGN

NGNCloudComm was chosen as a winner as it offers tailored, powerful solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are typically out of reach of non-enterprise customers. With an understanding that these businesses require robust, yet approachable technology, NGNCloudComm has carved its niche, specializing in intuitive systems that don't compromise on capability. NGN’s approach is not about scaling down, but rather, about intelligent customization, focusing on the unique operational rhythms of SMBs.

Demystifying Customer Engagement:

By recognizing the hurdles service providers face in deploying comprehensive communication solutions for SMBs, NGNCloudComm offers a refreshingly straightforward platform. The product is not a watered-down version of an enterprise solution; it's a thoughtfully designed system that addresses the actualities of smaller-scale operations without overwhelming them with unnecessary complexities.

Integrative Communication for Enhanced Customer Experience:

NGNCloudComm extends beyond being a mere add-on, promising a seamless fusion with existing Cisco BroadSoft deployments. It's a testament to the company’s commitment to enhance, not overhaul, existing systems. This platform brings together voice, email, SMS, and even social media interactions, presenting them in a unified interface. This all-encompassing view ensures that businesses never miss a beat, staying connected with their customers through every possible avenue.

levating Agents and Supervisors to New Heights:

Functionality meets empowerment with NGNCloudComm. Agents are provided with a singular platform that's comprehensive, yet not convoluted, allowing them to navigate through various customer interactions with ease and informed understanding. Supervisors are given a bird's-eye view of all operations, backed by the power to make real-time decisions, ensuring that every customer interaction is handled efficiently and effectively


Distinct Features Setting NGNCloudComm Apart:

  • Dynamic Customer Engagement: On of NGNCloudComm’s differentiating features is its ability to adapt customer-facing interfaces based on live conditions within the contact center, a subtle yet powerful feature ensuring customers' needs are managed and expectations are set realistically.
  • Simplicity in Implementation: Emphasizing a user-friendly experience, NGNCloudComm minimizes the need for continuous IT adjustments post-integration, particularly for functionalities like web chat or callbacks, allowing businesses to remain focused on their core operations.
  • User-Friendly Communication Expansion: The system boasts a streamlined process for incorporating new communication channels, making the addition of an email queue or a new social media channel an effortless task.
  • Holistic Conversation Context: NGNCloudComm stands out for its comprehensive conversation history feature, providing agents with the full story behind every customer, thereby fostering interactions that are more personal and informed.

Unlimited Growth with Cloud-Based Operations:

NGNCloudComm’s cloud-based nature breaks the barriers of traditional infrastructure, offering businesses the freedom to expand and adapt their operations as they grow. This scalability speaks directly to SMBs' needs, ensuring they're not boxed in by their technology but rather, supported by it.

Proactive Supervision for Optimized Customer Interactions:

The platform’s supervisory capabilities are not limited to observation. They extend to active queue management, empowering supervisors to prioritize interactions based on real-time data, ensuring that critical communications are addressed promptly and effectively.

Industry Recognition Reflecting Commitment and Innovation:

The ingenuity and practicality of NGNCloudComm’s solutions haven’t just resonated with their clientele; NGN has garnered industry-wide recognition, evidenced by accolades like the 2022 CUSTOMER TMC Labs Innovation Award. These honors underscore the company’s success in creating solutions that are as sophisticated as they are user-friendly.

NGNCloudComm represents the intersection of sophistication, simplicity, and functionality. For SMBs looking to elevate their customer communication capabilities without entangling themselves in the intricacies of enterprise-level software, NGNCloudComm proves to be not just a provider, but a partner in growth and success. The platform isn’t merely a bridge to superior customer service; it’s a catalyst for sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Verint Customer Engagement Solutions (Verint Da Vinci AI)

Verint Systems is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions with a focus on customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk, and compliance. The company has more than two decades of experience and over 10,000 clients globally. The company's commitment to improving the way the world works is evident in their broad portfolio of solutions, benefiting organizations by driving performance and enhancing security.

Verint's innovative Customer Engagement Solutions, embodied by Verint Da Vinci AI, are specifically designed to help companies stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The Da Vinci AI is a testament to Verint's dedication to innovation, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform the way businesses interact with their customers. This AI-powered technology is not just a tool but an intelligent assistant that augments human capabilities, streamlining operations, and enhancing decision-making processes across various customer engagement channels.

Verint's pivotal solutions equip organizations with the tools necessary to navigate complex customer interactions, improve response times, and offer personalized experiences, all while maximizing operational efficiency. From AI-driven analytics to workforce optimization, Verint is reshaping the future of customer engagement, helping businesses to not only understand their customers' needs but anticipate them, fostering loyalty and driving growth.

With the latest Version 23.7, updated and refined in July 2023, Verint Da Vinci AI stands at the forefront of customer engagement technology. This platform is integral in transforming customer service operations, integrating advanced AI, and machine learning to provide real-time insights, automate workflows, and facilitate superior customer interactions. Here's a deeper look at what makes Verint's product a standout:

Target Market:

Verint serves a diverse array of sectors, including retail, finance, healthcare, utilities, technology, and government, primarily focusing on Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. Its solutions are tailored for organizations striving to enhance customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and informed decision-making.

Product Capabilities:

The Verint Da Vinci AI, central to Verint's Open CCaaS platform, brings a team of specialized AI bots to the forefront, each designed to tackle specific tasks within customer engagement. From automating responses to analyzing customer data and predicting trends, these bots work seamlessly to enhance both the customer's and agent's experience.

Technical Aspects:

Verint's solutions, hosted on their robust SaaS/Cloud platform, require minimal on-premises equipment. Clients need only a standard web browser for access, with optional integration for identity verification. The technical stack includes Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SQL, Apache Tomcat, and Linux servers, among others.

Innovation and Recognition:

With over 700 patents, Verint is a recognized innovator in data capture, AI, machine learning, analytics, and automation. Its Da Vinci AI has set industry conversations abuzz, with analysts like Sheila McGee-Smith highlighting its significant impact.

Unique Applications:

Verint leads in applying AI in novel ways across various customer engagement aspects, from Intelligent Interviewing for candidate selection to Real-Time Coaching for agents. These applications not only optimize workflows but also drive significant improvements in customer interaction quality and satisfaction.

Breaking New Ground:

Verint continuously pushes the boundaries of technology, with AI bots like the Verint Transcriber Bot and Fraud Risk Scoring Bot, which leverage vast datasets to perform tasks with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Distinctive Features:

Verint stands out with its Open Ecosystem, Engagement Data Hub, Da Vinci AI and Analytics, and a range of best-of-breed applications. These components work synergistically, enabling comprehensive, enterprise-wide customer engagement strategies that are both efficient and effective.

In a nutshell, Verint, through its advanced Customer Engagement Solutions, is not just keeping pace with the industry's evolution; it's driving it, empowering businesses to redefine the way they connect with their customers in the digital age.

Edited by Erik Linask
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