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Comings & Goings: CustomerMatrix Hires Four Executives for Global Leadership

By Casey Houser March 31, 2016

CustomerMatrix, a company that uses cognitive computing to assist financial service and insurance companies, recently announced that it has hired four new executives to keep pace with demand of its services from those two markets.

These key executives responsibilities will span a number of areas of CustomerMatrix’ business and help it remain able to meet all its enterprise customers’ needs. Specifically, Dave Den Bleyker will perform as the general manager of the Americas region, Christophe Favart will exert his skills as vice president of platform engineering, Pierre Goyeneix will act as the new general manager of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, and Tim Klaver will come on board as the general manager of the Asia and Pacific region.

Together, CustomerMatrix CEO Guy Mounier indicated, they will be responsible for working with six of the world’s top banking institutions and handling company growth that has reached more than 200 percent per year as of late.

“IDC’s Dave Schubmehl estimates the global cognitive computing market at $40 billion U.S.,” Mounier said. “With digital transformation driving the strategic agenda at nearly all global banks and insurers, cognitive computing will be a key business driver. We are witnessing this reality in our own growth.”

“[The new executives] will lead the efforts in their regions to deliver cognitive computing to our customers’ innovation and digital transformation programs,” he continued.

Around this time last year, Mounier’s company was busy with the release of its Cognitive Intelligence Engine for CRM, a software-based assistant to customer relationship management (CRM) applications, which it had just released. The Engine helped CRM systems better handle customer information and allow clients such as call center agents to use the data available to them. It recommends actions that agents can take based on the information it gathers from customer-supplied text and agent-customer interactions. It can then anticipate reasons for customer calls and help agents quickly resolve issues to keep sales and support situations running smoothly.

CustomerMatrix executives will speak at a number of engagements in the coming weeks to demonstrate the capability of its new staff and talk about the latest updates to company software. The better its software can recognize the true purpose of customer interactions, the better off its business clients will fare in their operations. Bleyker, Favart, Goyeneix, and Klaver will use their expertise to demonstrate the power of cognitive computing and continue to reassure existing and future clients that their applications can do as they promise.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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