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PLDT Taps MATRIXX to Convert to Digital Customer Service, Invests in Part of Company

By David Delony March 31, 2016

MATRIXX Software has announced that Philippine carrier SMART Communications has selected the company’s Digital Commerce platform to handle its mobile business.

SMART’s parent company, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), has also invested in MATRIXX through its PLDT Capital arm.

“The PLDT Group continues our model of prestigious companies that are investors as well as customers,” MATRIXX founder, CEO and CTEO Dave Labuda said. “They are genuinely changing the game in Asia when it comes to digital service innovation, and we’re excited to help deliver outstanding experiences to customers of its wireless service provider, SMART Communications.”

The Digital Commerce platform is designed for companies that want to take their customer service platforms digital, offering “build your own plans” and solutions based on customer self-service.

PLDT wanted a solution that would let them convert to a digital platform without having to make a lot of IT investment, so they turned to MATRIXX. The company had the new system up and running in weeks instead of months.

PLDT’s customers now have the ability to customize their service and consequently their billing, which is crucial in a very competitive market like the one PLDT finds itself in. Outside the U.S., prepaid wireless dominates and carriers have to offer low rates to keep their customers from switching without the pain of breaking their contracts.

With over 70 million subscribers already, the company appreciates the agility that MATRIXX gives them.

“Evolution of the telco into a Digital Service Provider requires viewing the customer through a different lens, in order to identify new ways of serving them,” PLDT chief strategy advisor and co-managing director of PLDT Capital Winston Damarillo said. “We’re transforming the customer experience, and we chose MATRIXX Software because its technology and performance is unmatched, and they are able to help drive the PLDT Group’s digital vision more rapidly than anyone else.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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