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Best NYC boroughs for IT experts

By Special Guest
Jacob Daniels
July 12, 2018

Arguably, New York City is the financial capital of the world. In NYC, one can find an abundance of small, medium and big businesses, which range from family-owned to worldwide famous. One area of expertise that has lately emerged as the most profitable and, therefore, most sought after, is information technology. When you connect the two into one whole, you get a field where every IT business has a chance to thrive. Luckily for all the future business owners, there are many NYC boroughs for IT experts to choose from when moving to New York City and starting your business there. 

This leads us to the conclusion that if you are an IT expert who wants to have the best chance possible for success, you should move to NYC for the sake of your business. Good news is that New York offers and gives plenty of options when it comes to pretty much anything. That is why you won`t have a problem finding a residence for yourself, hiring affordable but high quality NYC movers, and choosing a borough for your business in New York City. 

Try out your luck in some of the best NYC boroughs for IT experts.

Manhattan will always be considered as one of the best NYC boroughs for IT experts by the general public

Even though the interest in choosing Manhattan for a startup has lately been simmering down, one always has to mention Manhattan when talking about NYC. After all, Manhattan is the home of the Financial District, as well as Wall Street. However, what`s even more important for IT experts, Manhattan is also a place where numerous IT academies exist. The presence of so many world-renowned and first-class IT academies means that there is not a shortage of highly-trained professionals in the Manhattan area. Therefore, whether you are an IT expert who is looking for a job, or you are a business owner in search of an employee, you know where to look. 

The only downside Manhattan has is that everything is incredibly expensive. Finding headquarters for your IT business will not be a cheap endeavor, not by a long shot. You will also have to find reputable NYC movers to relocate your office. It helps to know what to look for, and that is a moving company which is experienced and reliable. You can trust Dumbo Movers from New York to relocate your offices, as it is one of their specialties. Once you finish with the relocation process, the real work begins. 

Manhattan is nothing if not impressive! IT experts have been drawn to this NYC borough for a reason.

Brooklyn is becoming the go-to borough for IT experts in NYC

Historically, Brooklyn has been looked upon as a lower-class NYC borough by everyone who has ever set foot in New York. However, the situation has immensely changed since those long-gone times. Today, Brooklyn is the up-and-coming borough in NYC, and its popularity only keeps on growing. Moreover, when choosing a place for their startup in NY, the majority of business owners choose Brooklyn. Even those IT and tech businesses whose headquarters were in Manhattan, are now moving offices to Brooklyn. So, what makes this borough so appealing for IT and tech experts, and all the other business types in general? 

  • The presence of many, relatively inexpensive and available spaces for an office makes this borough highly desirable. Compared to Manhattan, the rental prices in Brooklyn are incredibly cheaper, which makes Brooklyn one of the best NYC boroughs for IT experts. 
  • There is an entrepreneurial spirit in the air, which is necessary for any business to thrive. The aforementioned atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for fresh and innovative ideas, which IT experts are always in search of. 
  • Since Brooklyn is developing rather quickly, it is attracting a lot of investors and, in return, a lot of capital. That big of an amount of work implies a large demand for a trained workforce. If you are looking for a job as an IT expert, there is no better place to find it than Brooklyn. 

Clearly, Brooklyn might be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a job in NYC as an IT expert. And, if you are in need of IT experts, now you know where the majority of them reside.  

Labeled as the up-and-coming NYC borough, Brooklyn is heaven for IT experts in need of a job.

Why is Queens emerging as one of the best NYC boroughs for IT experts?

Similarly, to Brooklyn, no person would have thought that Queens is one of the best places to get an employment in (or start your own company.) However, a surprising number of tech companies have recently resurfaced in Queens. And, if you look more closely at what this borough has to offer, you would not be so surprised. The real estate prices are low, which makes it easy to find an affordable place for your office. But, more importantly, Queens has a diverse immigrant population. What this population offers is a large pool of talent, ready to work hard and prosper.

Moreover, Queens can brag about the fact that many Millennials choose it as their place of work (and life.) And, it is not difficult to get millennials excited about IT training. After all, they are the generation which has grown up surrounded by the developing technology. A young and highly-trained population is a good start for any business.

Whether you are looking to get employment as an IT expert, or you wish to find employees for your company, Queens will offer you the best choice possible. If your goal is to work in an affordable, hospitable, ethnically diverse and pleasant environment, you know what to do and where to go! 

Is there the best NYC borough for IT experts?

It is difficult to choose only one from the three best NYC boroughs for IT experts. Each one offers something different, and it is up to an individual to decide what he or she needs. What can be said with a fair amount of certainty is that your future is bright if you are an IT expert in New York City. By now, you most likely know that your profession is highly needed, and there is no better place to conduct your business than NYC. Good luck!

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