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How To Use Clever Campaign Reporting And Preference Centers To Help Your Business Thrive

By Special Guest
August 02, 2018

When running a marketing campaign, it’s indeed important to deliver your message the right way. That way, you will not only be sure of a future conversion, but even more, benefits will be bestowed upon you. The sending of the right messages means a better allocation of your budget, leading to advancements in all other sectors of your project. This can be accomplished by creating precise preference centers in Adobe Campaign.

But what if your company encounters an obstacle in its development? Such clashes are part of standard practice, but there are certain calibrations you need to see through if you wish to make them as infrequent as possible. One of them is the better use of campaign reporting. By having a clear overview of your past endeavors, you will be able to compare your future ideas and assign them a probability percentage. That way, you can make your marketing moves more precise and lucrative. Let’s observe the entire flow.

A smart way of getting to know contacts

The most important customer characteristic you have to have in mind is the palette of their preferences and interests. That way, you will be able to predict how will they respond to a similar offer or message you send them. Therefore, you can agree that knowledge on this matter directly influences the efficiency of your financial allocation. If you have a myriad of customers, it can be challenging to keep track of every contact’s preferences, but Adobe Campaign can aid you whilst pondering about this.

Your focus must be on the creation of preference centers. They give you a unique opportunity to reinvigorate your business using the increasing rights that your customers possess. Since they can control how will they interact with you and your brand, this flexibility can be used to accomplish more significant results. Firstly, you ought to grow accustomed to the various features and steps required to set up preference centers according to your needs.

From filtering to segmentation – the road to extensive campaign reports

Preference centers are to be created in the Adobe Campaign canvas, allowing you more precision whilst marketing and a more extended form of sales knowledge. As such, they should be used to unravel a set of steps that will make unwanted emails and other kinds of spam a distant past.

•    Firstly, you need to observe and have every analytics segmented and saved for later use. Adobe Campaign will fully handle this first step of data gathering, allowing to analyze it afterward.

•    Upon receiving the data, you should see any consistent factors that ended up repeating. If something like this occurs, then preference management should be your next stage. Knowing how your contacts prefer less or more frequent emails, discount codes or other offers is an excellent blueprint for how to calibrate your business model.

•    An often-underrated step is advanced filtering. This is more of permission that gives your customers more power on controlling their interactions with you. They can calibrate both the frequency and channels of communications. By tracking this – you will know on which contacts to focus from a campaign standpoint.

•    Finally, we arrive to implement targeted segmentation, the process of enriching your customer profiles. After you’ve created the preference centers, the final benefit will be revealed. Your customer profiles will be equipped with all the necessary information, allowing you to reduce message fatigue. This is good to be knowing every bit of data connected to advanced filtering.

How preference centers result in better campaign reporting

With Adobe Campaign, you have access to a myriad of ready-made report templates, but no marketing campaign is the same. Because of this, we have many different variables and concepts, which in turn dictate the creation of new templates. This will ensure that you can get a clear overview of your campaign’s success and what can be improved on.

Like we’ve mentioned in the beginning, delivering a message is only the start of the analytics journey. To end it correctly, you have to finish the cycle and craft a good report. This can be achieved by selecting any parameter you desire.

With better preference centers, you will get more precise reports that you can cross-reference with every contact profile you wish to access or build upon.

The road to the perfect report

•    Using the visual reporting interface, you can have your report displayed in any visual form you desire. This will allow an inspection to be much swifter.

•    By creating custom dynamic reports, you can add multiple filters to create a set of data that only contains the numbers you are interested in. Easier access is paramount.

•    Whilst creating a report, you can create your custom standard reporting view. This will dictate the way you can your colleagues see the report while sharing it with each other.

•    If you only wish to preview or experiment, Adobe Campaign can help you with an out-of-the-box template.


Having more than 8 years of writing experience, Smridhi Malhotra is a professional tech, health and travel blogger.  She loves to gather and share her profound knowledge about latest developments in technology.

Smridhi is a management graduate and visual graphics artist and is currently pursuing master’s in behavioral psychology. Her hobbies are practicing mindfulness, counseling children and traveling (a special love for Africa).

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