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4 Reasons Your Amazon Affiliate Store Isn't Making Money

By Special Guest
Gary Wilkinson
August 10, 2018

If you have an affiliate store with Amazon and you aren’t making any money, we understand the frustration. You’ve put in hours of work building your site, curating products, organizing and then driving traffic. Even though you have done all of those activities, you are not seeing revenue coming into your site. In this article, we are going to give you 4 reasons your site isn’t making money.

What You Need to Know About Making Money Online

Just like anything else, there are skills that you need to learn when you want to make money online. You can’t simply throw up an affiliate site and expect cash to come raining out of your computer. There are things that you have to do and things that you have to put in place before you are going to see a lot of sales in your store.

One of the biggest things we see is people expecting much higher conversion rates than is the standard. If you are a brand new marketer, your conversion rates are not going to be higher than average. They are going to be lower than average. At this point, while you are building up your skill, you need to make up in number what you lack in skill.

What does this mean?

It means that while you are learning to write product descriptions and place products in ways that people want to purchase and how to create hyperlinks and all the other technical aspects that you need to send as much traffic through your site as possible. Not just any traffic, but people that are interested in what you are selling. Now let’s go on to talk about 4 reasons why your site isn’t bringing in money for you.

1. Choosing the Wrong Niche

If you choose some tiny niche that very few people are searching for, there is a possibility that you will make money with your site, but it is unlikely. Unless you have a way to funnel traffic that is highly targeted, your site is going to go unseen.

You need to be in a niche where people want what you have to offer and are actively searching for it every day. Why do you think there are so many fitness and health and wellness websites? Because people are searching for them. Aren’t there too many? As long as there are as many overweight people in the world as there are today, there will never be too many health & wellness sites.

Make sure that your niche has people that are coming to websites with their credit card in hand if you want to make sales.

2. Not Linking to Products Inside Your Posts

Some people think that product banners are enough. They think that you can write an article and embed a product banner that goes to Amazon and you’ll be able to make sales.

You have to make your visitor’s life easier, not harder.

When you write the article about the product, you should always include a link to the product page of that specific product and make sure that it is within the article body. Not only should you like to it one time, but you should link to it as many times as it seems natural within the content.

The more links that you have out to Amazon, the more possibilities you give the visitor click out to Amazon and get sucked into their well thought out retail site. Your goal is to get your consumer off your site and onto Amazon through your affiliate link so you can make commissions and let Amazon do all the heavy lifting. They have processes in places that will upsell, cross sell and down sell the people that you send to their site which is why even though Amazon affiliate commission percentages might be lower, people love being affiliates of Amazon.

3. Not Having Clickable Photos With Your Affiliate Link

Do you have photos of the product that you are talking about in your article? If you don’t, you should. If you do and you aren’t linking out to Amazon through that photo, you are missing out. People love to click on photos to go to look at products. If people click on  your photo and it isn’t linked to Amazon then they are going to click the link and go to a larger image and that doesn’t  help your affiliate commissions.

4. You’re Not Writing Product Reviews

Product reviews sell. If your site does not have product reviews, you are missing out on one of the most important things that will help your visitors to convert from visiting to a new Amazon affiliate commission. If you haven’t used the product that you want to review, you can compile product reviews from customers on Amazon so that you can give a real customer’s account of how they liked the product and how it operated.


The more that you continue to tweak your site and make it better, the more sales you will get when you drive traffic to it. Not everyone is going to purchase right away so you should be building your email list. You can use autoresponders to create opt-in forms and then remarket to the people that visited your site. There is a lot of money in getting people to come back and take another look.

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