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7 Convincing Reasons for Outsourcing Your Call Center

By Special Guest
Sandeep Periwal
December 23, 2019

You run a successful business, or maybe you’ve just started. You have a highly ambitious team in place; You have it all figured out. Resources, check. Target audience, check. Production, check. Marketing, check. Sales, check. Post-sales support – This is an area that is quite demanding in itself and requires your full-fledged attention. You can’t compromise on customer support, but you don’t have the infrastructure for it, either!

Outsourcing is your best bet. Will you take it? Does the idea of outsourcing your call center seem daunting to you? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of it?

Here are seven reasons that will ensure you’re sold on the idea of outsourcing your call center services:

1)   Reduced Costs

Isn’t this catchy enough? We want the best services for our customers and would be thrilled if we can cut costs in the process.

Setting up call center services in-house can take up a considerable chunk of your investment, not only monetarily, but also in terms of time and energy. Consider infrastructure, equipment, employees’ salary, benefits, besides other overheads. Call centers, on the other hand, invest in the best technology and executives so that their clients deliver excellent customer service.

Call center outsourcing is thus an economical option because you can avail of their services at a fraction of your cost. It is yet cheaper if you choose a vendor in an external location. Digital advancement has made it possible to move phone calls anywhere under the sun; you make the most of it!

2)   Remarkably higher efficiency

When you choose to outsource, you don’t have to go through the rigorous procedure and costs involving recruitment, selection, and training of staff. Your Call center service provider has got you covered. They offer the most efficient personnel, with proper knowledge and skills in giving your customers the best possible care, while you detach yourself from any hitches or glitches in the process. Moreover, they are answerable to you in terms of achieving deliverables. You can gauge efficiency through quality tools and verify that customer problems are solved at the earliest. In the face of fierce competition, your outsourcing partner will provide only the finest to retain his esteemed customer – YOU.

3)   Focus on growing your business

According to Henry Fayol, an important Principle of Management is the Division of Work. In simple terms, specialization in employees promotes efficiency and increases speed and accuracy. You don’t want your finger in too many pies, lest you make a mess in all of them.

Allow a reliable Call Center service provider who specializes in handling customer issues to smoothly take over your customer support, with its level of expertise in the area. This frees you and your team to focus, without any distractions, on what you do best - the core aspects of business, and watch your business reach the next level.

4)   Flexibility

Call volumes may fluctuate, there is no set prediction for the same. As a fully functional enterprise, your agents may be flooded with calls in case of a hike, or there may be times when call volumes dip and agents may have spare time at hand.

Call center service providers offer flexible plans tailored as per your needs. Wavering call volumes do not impact professional call centers because they have multiple clients and can maintain low costs-per-call at any time. However, if a call volume spike is anticipated following a crucial marketing campaign, for instance, they also own the expertise and staff to restructure quickly.  So, when your company grows, your Outsourcer grows with you.

5)   Quality assurance

As a socially obliging company, you would want to make sure your customers are in the right hands. The key parameters to look for in an efficient Call center would be first call resolutions, time-per-call, and waiting time.

Outsourced call centers provide regular status reports so that you are aware of customer issues, and can assess how the agents handle them. They have the equipment required to record calls, which can be monitored for quality assurance. The information acquired from the same can enrich your database, such that you can offer solutions to problems before they turn into one. On the whole, an integrated approach with your Outsourcer allows you to serve a flawless customer experience.

6)   Round-the-clock service

You may not run your business all day. Nevertheless, you have to provide for a 24/7 customer experience, especially if you seek a global presence. The customer is the king, and he’s busy. You certainly don’t wish to keep him waiting.

Promptness in customer care goes a long way in building goodwill and credibility for your business. Outsourced call centers provide multiple level support covering all channels of communication, and they’re good at it. So, you do not miss a call any time day or night. Thus, a decision to collaborate with an external call center enhances your customer relationship, and at the same time, works in favor of your employees too, in that they’re not over-worked nor do they forego their holidays.

7)   Increase revenue

As Michael LeBoeuf, a known business author, quotes, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy” - keeping them satisfied is of utmost priority to any company that wishes to flourish. An outsourced Call center specializes in catering to your customers with their expertise and experience. Happy customers not only come back but also recommend you to their family and friends – more like a walking advertisement.

Also, opting for outbound services with your call center can further boost revenue by cross-selling or “welcome” calls. The latter is particularly worthwhile during slack times when agents are relatively free and can lead to more productivity.

Good customer service costs less than bad customer service. Give your customers the best. Let the specialists take over. Outsource your call center. It is a big leap, indeed. Are you ready for it?

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