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CustomerZone360 Home Releases New Voice Biometrics Solution armour365

By Luke Bellos September 23, 2021

This week, conversational AI and voice security solution developer revealed a new biometric solution designed to combat the rising risks of fraudulent activity in modern business activity.

The worldwide economy has been under additional stress over the last two years, largely due to the historic rise in cyber criminal activity as a result of massive shift to the digital world. This has forced cybersecurity leaders like to develop sophisticated tools that help businesses protect themselves, without the massive costs of competing solutions.

To protect organizations from common exploits, the armour365™ solution offers advanced security and authentication measures to prevent criminals and bots from exploitations, such as anti-spoof layer, replay attack detection, and “one enrollment.

“Voice Biometrics can be a blessing in disguise for Contact Center and Infosec leaders battling fraud and data theft through various communication channels.” commented Ganesh Gopalan, Co-founder and CEO, “With a response time of less than 500 milliseconds, armour365™ has been engineered to help IT and security teams to replace error-prone and legacy authentication methods like PINs and passwords to realize the potential of Voice Biometrics being truly contactless.”

Along with heightened security features, the biometric solution allows faster authentication speeds, boasting a 2 second active and passive voice verification rate. Gnani,ai representatives also claim the  armour365™ solution has an Equal Error Rate (EER) of under 2%.

“We are thrilled to launch armour365™ with industry-leading accuracy and thankful to our Engineering and Product teams to have pulled this off indigenously.” added Ananth Nagaraj, Co-founder and CTO, Gnani.a “We’re confident our customers will benefit immensely with this ‘low-cost and no-code solution’ built to offer reliable voice security.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, CustomerZone360

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