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Zendesk Looks to Enhance CX with Momentive Acquisition

By Luke Bellos November 04, 2021

Now that customers have shifted the majority of their commerce activity online, businesses are eager to enhance that activity through artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation. But not all solutions provide the same functionality and features, which has created huge competition for CX developers.

Customer support solutions specialist Zendesk is well aware of this reality, and is attempting to rise above the competition after announcing the acquisition of Momentive Global Inc., previously known as SurveyMonkey.  According to a recent article by Techcrunch, Zendesk agreed to purchase Momentive for an impressive $4.13 billion, with the intent of using Monetive’s data resources to gain a clearer understanding of customer desires.

In an official statement, CEO Mikkel Svane mentioned Zendesk intends to create a customer intelligence platform so businesses can form stronger bonds and unique experiences.

“We will deliver a rich, colorful picture of every customer so businesses really understand their customers and can build more authentic relationships,”

Zendesk and Momentive are industry experts in customer data harvesting and analysis, making this deal a logical consolidation of resources and industry knowledge. This could result in the creation of a unique CX platform that offers businesses insights far more detailed than competing services.

“If they can make it easy to access and analyze blended data from these two platforms, it should provide their customers with a more complete view of individual customers and overall market trends,” commented Laurie McCabe, co-founder and analyst at SMB Group. And understanding the customer experience should help improve and refine it when need be.”

Company board members for both sides have agreed to the terms of this deal, but will require further approval from stockholders, as well as a formal review from regulators.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, CustomerZone360

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