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As CX Remains at the Center of Attention in the C-Suite, Another Merger is Announced

By Matthew Vulpis December 06, 2021

Today, many of the products and services we use have become commoditized. Customers have more power to voice their levels of satisfaction than ever before - making customer experience (CX) a key battleground for growth and business success moving forward. Leading companies are quickly realizing the value (and necessity) of investing in creating seamless, efficient interactions that enable rapid resolution, combined with immersive experiences where appropriate along the customer journey. With consumer expectations and competition as stingy as ever, companies are ramping up their focus on the customer experience, attempting to use every tool at their disposal to create the perfect CX.

The increased emphasis on CX is clearly driven by customer behavior, as roughly 74 percent of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on CX alone, and companies that are CX Leaders have a 3x greater return in stock performance. To keep up with expectations, companies are working to integrate and leverage a myriad of potential technologies and associated processes to augment and enhance their agent support processes and improve their CX.  CX tools include AI-enabled chatbots, Conversational IVR, advanced data analytics, social and video support, and agent assist capabilities, just to name a few. Overall, there was a 40 percent increase in digital customer service interactions, and a total of 70 percent of all CX interactions predicted to be digital in 2022.

Navigating through today's CX environment can be challenging, which is why many companies are enlisting the capabilities of CX advisory firms for expert guidance. In today's service-driven economy, these firms act as "one-stop shops" for end-to-end customer experience needs, leveraging industry experts to help companies make CX their competitive differentiator.

One of these leading CX advisory firms, CX Solution Source, today announced they are expanding their portfolio of services for current and prospective clients by integrating CX consulting firm Peak CX Partners, and adding Flat Fee Talent Placement solutions, focused on helping clients improve customer experience and customer support efficiencies.

"Adding these additional solutions to our offering will assist us in accomplishing our goal of challenging the current buying model for outsourcing solutions," said Tom Silzell, Founder & Managing Partner at CX Solution Source. "We all use brokers to help us find the best products and services when we buy insurance, obtain a mortgage, or invest our hard-earned savings for retirement. So why would anyone buy contact center outsourcing services or consulting services directly from the supplier when they can leverage the industry expertise of CX Solution Source to find the best BPO Partners for the greatest value?"

Initially launched as CX Partner Source in 2020 by Tom Silzell, a leader with 30+ years of experience with companies like MCI,, Sitel, and Alorica, the company focused on "making outsourcing simple,"as well as brokering relationships between buyers of contact center outsourcing services and the Business Processes Outsource (BPO) firms who provide this service.

The company added Jeff Bubak, a seasoned business development leader with 25+ years selling BPO services for Sitel and, most recently, Alorica, as a Partner in early 2021. Now renamed "CX Solution Source," the company is making these key advancements which encompass their greater mission of "making CX simple."

"We anticipate significant growth for all three of our valuable services and are thankful to those that have supported our growth to date - we are excited about these moves and look forward to 2022," added Bubak.  

With the integration of Peak CX Partners, CX Solution Source is adding Pete Weaklend to its leadership team. Pete brings over 25 years of CX industry experience, with 20 of those years leading Global Solutions for Sitel, one of the largest BPO customer experience firms in the world.

"We are excited to join the CX Solution Source team and know we can add tremendous value to accomplishing their CX mission by helping companies optimize and transform their customer support," said Weaklend, who will lead the consulting practice as Managing SVP, Advisory Solutions. "Our unobtrusive approach helps our clients see the needs of their customers more clearly and understand exactly why customers are contacting them along the customer journey – utilizing advanced analytics to bring out the insights in their own business data. Using those insights, we implement a roadmap that leverages improved process and technology capability to deliver the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest support cost."

In today's climate, it takes a great deal of focus and effort to live up to customer expectations, leaving little time to step back and get a clear view of the strategies that will allow a company to differentiate, succeed and grow. CX Solution Source is one of the companies stepping in to help fill this void and ensure companies have the strategies and actions in place to capitalize on outstanding customer experience. This partnership signifies the ongoing rise in CX prominence and the commitment today's leading companies are making to create a flawless, immersive, and personalized customer experience.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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