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T-Mobile Customers Report Drop In Service Quality After Sprint Merger

By Luke Bellos December 07, 2021

Back in 2020, Sprint Corporation was absorbed by T-Mobile in a $26 billion deal, bringing two of the most well known wireless service providers together to form a single entity. While many industry experts speculated this deal would be a win for customers, in terms of both network support and service quality, the aftermath is proving quite the opposite.

According to a recent article by Bloomberg Technology, customers are noticing a significant drop in customer service quality since the merger, a key component to what made T-Mobile successful in the past. In fact, data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows T-Mobile is now among the worst wireless phone service brands in terms of customer service quality.

Some experts suggest this drop in quality may simply be a result of shifting business practices resulting from the merger. Leaders at T-Mobile also pointed out the Great Resignation is playing a part, with staff shortages making it difficult to maintain proper quality, as well as putting added pressure on current employees forced to deal with higher call volumes. While there are likely multiple factors contributing to this change, longtime T-Mobile customers are beginning to suspect the company is starting to resemble less customer-centric wireless competitors.

T-Mobile is attempting to draw new talent to call centers by offering $20 an hour for customer service roles, with hopes of filling nearly 5,000 positions over the next 18 months. However, the notoriety of customer service positions may make additional financial compensation less effective. If T-mobile intends to regain its former reputation as a top dog in customer service, leaders within the company will have to become more creative to draw exceptional agents into the organization.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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