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CXone Now Compatible With Google Chrome OS

By Luke Bellos February 09, 2022

Integrating CX technology is a major priority for businesses attempting to form stronger bonds with valued customers. Although options are plentiful these days, many executives are searching for solutions with a simple installation process to ensure productivity never slows down.

This week, leading contact center solution developer NICE announced an expansion to its partnership with Google, and revealed the company’s CXone software is now available with Chrome OS. Customer-centric organizations can now leverage Google's workplace ecosystem to incorporate NICE’s customer experience solution to enhance contact operations with a wide range of digital enhancements.

“This expansion of our partnership with Google reaffirms NICE’s commitment to bringing exceptional, next-gen, digitally fluent experiences to organizations and their agents on an operating system of their choice,” commented Paul Jarman, CEO, NICE CXone. “With CXone, organizations on Chrome have a platform that’s proven to be mission-critical in supporting millions of interactions for both trusted global brands as well as small and medium businesses. We’re proud to be an enabler for innovation that drives CX to new heights of excellence in the Chrome OS ecosystem.”

Businesses using Chrome OS can now quickly benefit from contact center analytical features, allowing agents to better understand customer needs to improve future experiences. Additionally, valuable human labor can be scaled back with the support of AI-supported automation capabilities and self service features, allowing agents to devote more time to complex customer matters. And with Chrome OS supported by the cloud, agents will be able to access all CXone features remotely, so distanced workforces can work without limitations outside of typical office settings.

Thomas Riedl, Director of Product for Chrome OS Enterprise and Education, added, “We are dedicated to bringing the best experience for contact center agents and IT administrators to Chrome OS, and in that spirit are excited to welcome NICE CXone to our Chrome Enterprise Recommended ecosystem.”

Edited by Luke Bellos
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