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MySize Combines Digital and Physical Retail Experiences with Smart Mirror

By Luke Bellos February 09, 2022

This week, MySize, a developer of AI-powered apparel-measurement technologies, announced the launch of the FirstLook Smart Mirror: an interactive mirror display allowing retail customers to reap the benefits of online shopping in physical store locations.

Online shopping has many benefits over traditional retail activity, but it does have certain limitations. For instance, guessing sizes on particular items can be a gamble. Not all customers adhere to the sizing guidelines of many major retailers, forcing many customers to send products back after discovering they don’t fit as advertised. Shopping in physical retail outlets also has its benefits, but can be time consuming if a person needs to constantly try items on to find the perfect size for a particular product.

The MySizeID FirstLook Smart Mirror takes a hybrid approach to modern shopping, and allows shoppers to virtual “try on” in-store products with an interactive display. Customers can use the Smart Mirror to see how a particular product fits through the use of an avatar, instead of physically trying them on one at a time. At the same time, the mirror offers customers unique suggestions according to specific measurements. And to keep up with new trends in social distancing, users have the ability to make contactless purchases directly through the Smart Mirror.

“The MySizeID FirstLook Smart Mirror has the potential to revolutionize the fashion retail buying experience in the store,” commented Ronen Luzon, CEO of MySize “It is our first product solution addressing in-person retail shopping. The MySizeID AI-driven measurement and data algorithms drive the FirstLook Smart Mirror in helping increase sales conversions and reduce returns at the physical store retail environment.”

MySizeID FirstLook Smart Mirror became widely available to retailers this week, but was previously introduced at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2022: Retail's Big Show last month to positive reviews. Prices for the Smart Mirror range between $8,000-$12,000 (depending on tech options), and require a $160 monthly service fee.

Edited by Luke Bellos

Editor, CustomerZone360

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