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Unified Contact Center Solutions Provider SharpenCX Announces Partner Program

By Tracey E. Schelmetic May 23, 2022

In an “always on” customer experience world, companies need to ensure that their contact center technologies are always on, and accessible from anywhere. For this reason, many companies – particularly SMBs who lack the kind of resources (both financial and human) that larger companies have – are turning to cloud-based unified contact center software that empowers agents to deliver engaging customer experiences with an all-in-one, customizable platform.

Indianapolis-based SharpenCX offers such a solution, adding in artificial intelligence (AI) for automation of some customer support processes. Recently, the company announced it was starting a partner program to further its mission to deliver engaging agent and customer experiences anytime, anywhere with its agent-first, unified contact center software.

"SharpenCX is committed to creating a pure, frictionless partner experience that will enable partners to close more deals faster, and expand their markets," says Mike Berlin, Chief Partner Officer at SharpenCX, in a statement. "We're looking forward to continuing to grow our partner community while delivering a world class, modern AI solution for customers."

The company noted that its SharpenCX Global Partner Program was designed to ensure a partner-first mindset for a “true, frictionless partner community experience.” The program provides a portfolio of benefits for partners to take advantage of to drive more opportunities and accelerate growth, including competitive sales incentives; industry and channel advisors who act as an extension of the client’s business; partner advisory council membership to provide partners with exclusive access to company strategy and product roadmapping; streamlined transactions; live and on-demand training; and product technical support throughout the entirety of the sales cycle and contract.

One early partner, BlackFin Square, reported seeing the results of SharpenCX’s focus on delivering a superior partner experience already.

“SharpenCX is shaking up what you normally see in a traditional partner program,” said Chris Parker, COO at BlackFin Square. “The newly released SharpenCX program gives us a new and unique advantage to equip our teams to achieve higher win ratios. The program sets us up to ensure customers get the best onboarding and enablement experience in the industry.”

Join the conversation at Future of Work Expo 2022, where SharpenCX will be discussing in greater detail how the latest technologies are enabling businesses to deliver world-class customer experiences..Future of Work Expo provides a 4-day experience focusing on defining and understanding the changing workplace and workforce, and how companies can succeed in light of these changing dynamics.  The event takes place June 21-24, 2022 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, alongside several other business technology events that are part of #TECHSUPERSHOW.

Edited by Erik Linask

CustomerZone360 Contributor

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