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At the Intersection of AI and CX, Unified Office Introduces Next Generation Sentiment Analysis Solution

By Matthew Vulpis June 21, 2022

At the Intersection of AI and CX, Unified Office Introduces Next Generation Sentiment Analysis Solution at Future of Work Expo

The age of technology we’ve recently entered has forever changed the way business gets done and shifted enterprises’ priorities. Near the top of the list of these new priorities is the customer experience (CX), as much of commercial business becomes customer-centric. Organizations now truly understand the impact a poor CX can have, between falling behind the competition, as well as failing to meet consumer expectations, and losing said consumers as a result.

Customer retention and satisfaction is now intertwined with the CX, as consumers expect a flawless CX, anytime, anywhere, regardless of medium, thanks to the advent of technology that gives them more options than ever right at their fingertips. According to a report done by Salesforce, 80 percent of customers now point to CX as a key differentiator when it comes to choosing one brand over another, with 67 percent stating that their standard for a positive experience is higher than ever before.

However, the same research report found that only one percent of consumers believe that vendors consistently meet their CX expectations. And now, with roughly two-thirds of companies today competing based on the CX, creating the best experience has turned into a battlefield, where every business is looking for a way to make their CX stand out more than their competitors.

For many organizations, the solution to improving their CX has been adopting and implementing the innovative devices and applications now at their disposal. Global spending on CX technology is set to hit $641 billion this year, as technology starts to become commonplace in the CX.

Among the applications seeping into the CX, data analytics is truly making waves in a number of industries. Data analytics is empowering companies to rise when it comes to the CX, giving them valuable insights that can prompt alerts and guide swift action to create more personalized customer experiences.

The use of near- and real-time analytics to collect CX data is a rising trend among growth companies, with 43 percent of product managers using analytics to collect and analyze customer perception and sentiment data. And with the CX only expected to continue to grow in importance as we venture further into the digital age, more organizations are quickly following suit, looking for ways to add data analytics to their CX repertoire.

Recently,  Unified Office, Inc., a leading managed services provider offering highly reliable, cloud-based, business communications services, IoT services, and business analytics, announced at ITExpo its next-generation sentiment analysis offering. Unified Office has greatly enhanced its Total Connect Nowsm Sentiment Analysis Suite (TCNIQTM) and is now offering it to a broad range of businesses.

“TCNIQ is a great service that we can easily implement, that dramatically increases customer satisfaction, enhances our brand, and is instrumental in coaching our staff and helping to increase their skills,” said Rob Scheiper, a Domino's Franchise owner and current TCNIQ customer.

TCNIQTM scans thousands of recorded conversations and messages to detect the sentiment of callers and screens them for happiness, exuberance, anger, sadness, and for pre-determined keywords and phrases to help identify customers who need extra care or employees who may require more coaching or both. It enables businesses to save time by not having to manually review every recorded call.

On top of this, TCNIQTM enables companies to improve customer service, grow revenues and reduce the time to identify positive and or problematic customer service issues. Some benefits of TCNIQTM include:

  • Automatically scanning thousands of conversations to detect calls for negative or positive customer sentiment. No need to manually review call recordings.
  • Create a winning company culture, reward superior customer service, and coaching staff
  • Analyze the data and upsell with advanced analytics.
  • Access to your data on the go and on any device. 

“The customer experience (CX) is one of the most challenging areas to manage for businesses,” said Ray Pasquale, CEO & Founder of Unified Office. “With so many calls being conducted, how do you get an understanding of how your customers really feel about your products or services? Up until now, there has been no easy solution for business. As with all of our offerings we expect that TCNIQ will have a positive material impact on our customers' businesses on many levels.”

Finally, TCNIQTM integrates with Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite™ (advanced analytics) and customer Portal to provide real-time views, alerting, and reporting for actionable intelligence for business managers and owners. TCNIQTM is based on Unified Office’s Total Connect Nowsm (TCNsm) business communications platform is an easy-to-use managed communications service that integrates voice communications, service-level monitoring, business continuity, business analytics tools, and an Internet of Things (IoT) based operational performance service for small and medium-sized businesses.

“We’re proud to announce our next generation sentiment analysis offering,” Pasquale said. “This latest offering takes full advantage of the advances made in the last few years with more mature machine learning databases and improved machine learning algorithms. AI has reached a level of maturity today that enables highly accurate sentiment detection of callers. The ability to run through call recordings remotely and search for certain emotions and keywords is a great time saver and replaces what would otherwise be an insurmountable task.”


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