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Latest Tech Being Used to Boost Customer Service

By Contributing Writer
Ruchi Patil
August 02, 2022

All successful businesses know that the customer is king, and customers today are more demanding than ever before. All customers want their issues attended to immediately and don’t want to wait in line. The longer a customer waits for a response from the customer service team, the more likely they’ll leave and never return.

Casumo online casino and other businesses have partnered with advanced technology to create effective customer service procedures. Customer interactions are monitored, and issues are resolved at a faster pace than ever before. In this article, we’ll explore the technologies currently used by businesses and how these advancements have improved customer service.

Cloud Technology

Many businesses are employing cloud technology today. Cloud technology enables the company to store all business and customer data in one central hub. All data is accessible through the cloud allowing customer service agents to access customer details quickly and with ease.

The cloud increases sales channels. Some companies use many customer engagements and sales channels. Cloud technology enables a wide range of data access options. Essential storage, processing power, and networking are possible through artificial intelligence (AI) and standard office applications. Data can be accessed and delivered without the need to be close to a computer.

Live Chatbots

Customer interaction and communication play a huge role in establishing a service relationship. Customers want to reach the customer service team and receive a response immediately.

In the 21st century, customers have become accustomed to instant gratification. Customers have information and technology at their fingertips, no matter when or where. It has influenced the way customers interact with the world around them. Chatbots combine instant gratification with convenience, giving customers a chance to connect and giving them the opportunity to communicate with technology.

A live chat feature on your website or mobile application is critical in creating a good relationship with your customer. Still, service agents can’t be available 24 hours to manage live chat requests in most cases. The AI chatbot takes over during non-business hours. AI can be integrated into customer service live chat tools. These chatbots can lead a customer to the answer to their issue by asking a series of questions. If configured correctly, chatbots have proven to be very effective.

Video Communication

More than ever, customers want a personal experience. Video communication is a powerful tool that can be used to interact with customers. Eye contact improves relationships significantly and facilitates trust and openness. Video communication should be employed as much as possible with vendors, business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-customer (B2C) interactions.

Smart Voice Capabilities

Innovative voice capabilities with devices like Amazon Echo add significant value to customers’ online shopping experiences. Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker assistant that interacts with the customer via the Amazon Alexa cloud-based virtual assistant.

It has become predominant in establishing customer loyalty and facilitating online buying actions. Smart voice capabilities are a valuable tool for providing customer feedback and smoothing out online searches for products.

Using voice commands is a fast way for customers to quickly search for online products and check them out in a matter of minutes. A seamless shopping experience promotes loyalty to the brand. It’s reported that Amazon customers that use Amazon Echo to make purchases online are the most loyal, spending approximately $300 more each year than the average Amazon customer.

Mobile Phones

The most used and essential technology is the mobile phone. Customers can access the cloud, send text messages that remain unanswered to the chatbot, phone customer service, and employ virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) tools to shop, interact, and educate themselves via smart voice capabilities.

The mobile phone opens up the gateway between the customer and the business. Customers can shop, review, research, share experiences, and rate products through one primary device. Companies must use this to their advantage and create applications, communication, and customer engagement tools to keep their customers delighted with the entire service experience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality and augmented reality will become game changers in how businesses and customers interact. As technological advancements develop and mature, VR and AR applications will become more widespread and prolific.

As we speak, the impact of VR and AR can already be seen in B2B customer communications. Customers can educate themselves and solve their issues and problems better than ever.

This technology can be applied to understanding customer requirements and better comprehending customer needs. Improved solutions can be created to solve the leading issues customers are experiencing, thereby staying a step ahead of complaints.


The bottom line is that companies must find the right technologies to stay ahead of customer needs, delivering a service above customer expectations. The right technologies will also allow a business to stay ahead of competitors. It’s essential to guide your customers into employing these technologies by introducing incentives for using these applications. This will promote customer loyalty and generate an increase in your customer base. Apply these technologies to your business!

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