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Skip the Information Hunt with Snappy Kraken's Bidirectional Integrations

By Greg Tavarez September 29, 2022


CRM software is a no-brainer investment for financial advisers who want to increase leads, generate business insights on clients and prospects and organize client data. Even with differences among CRM systems that make them unique from each other, including CRM providers Redtail, Wealthbox and Salesforce, they all have n goal in common: to keep data organized and secured.

However, data between CRM providers, specifically those three, was not flowing freely, creating additional work. Advisers spent extra time hunting for the most updated source of people’s addresses and other relevant demographic information. Maybe there is a way to integrate data from these three providers into a single source. Snappy Kraken did just that by initiating two-way data synchronization from the three CRM providers.

The bidirectional integrations will ensure data is updated in real-time, saving advisers from having to constantly double check and second guess the accuracy of their information. Ultimately, the integrations will save advisers time and hassle by offering one accurate source of information at their fingertips.

“Advisers have seemingly unlimited technologies claiming to make their workflows more efficient but two-way integrations such as these with Redtail, Salesforce and Wealthbox will save hours on communications,” said Robert Sofia, CEO, Snappy Kraken. “Our industry should continue to demand more of these bidirectional integrations that truly increase efficiencies and connections.”

Snappy Kraken, with a nearly 95% recommendation rating from members, helps financial advisers get noticed across many channels, earn contacts, build creditability to turn subscribers into leads, start conversations, win clients through purposeful outreach and deepen relationships.

Now, Snappy Kraken can add saving advisers time when hunting for information and checking information integratio

Edited by Erik Linask
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