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Kaleyra Chatbots Make WhatsApp Business Appearance

By Greg Tavarez December 30, 2022

Customers demand easier means of communications with the brands they are loyal to. So, it is up to the businesses to find a communication channel where they meet those customer demands in a more competitive landscape.

WhatsApp, with over 100 billion messages a day by more than 2 billion users, provides enterprises with an efficient way to reach out to their customers in real time. WhatsApp supports businesses of all sizes and allows them to create personal experiences through messaging to build longer lasting relationships with customers.

To build on what WhatsApp already has in place, Kaleyra is helping WhatsApp Business allow businesses to create advanced conversational experiences through a new lineup of chatbots. Kaleyra provides mobile communication services and manages multi-channel integrated communication services that include messaging, rich messaging and instant messaging, video, push notifications, email, voice services and chatbots.

In Kaleyra's new chatbot platform, companies develop and deploy simple chatbots more quickly and more efficiently. The chatbot platform also allows companies to automate conversations with customers to progress them in the sales funnel, increase online bookings, manage their transactions and provide timely responses to their queries.

“Businesses should have a presence on WhatsApp if they want to remain in constant contact with their customers,” said Mauro Carobene, Kaleyra's chief business officer. “Thanks to Kaleyra's new chatbots, companies now have a seamless way to connect with their customers on the world's largest messaging platform.”

With WhatsApp's 2 billion monthly users and Kaleyra’s intelligent layer of automation, businesses bring their communication strategy to the next level across the customer journey. The company's chatbots are available in Europe, the Middle East and India. The U.S. availability date is in 2023.

Edited by Erik Linask
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