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Five9 and Mutare Join Forces to Strengthen Voice Threat Defense

By Greg Tavarez June 02, 2023

Unwanted voice traffic has emerged as a significant cybersecurity risk, encompassing robocalls, spoof calls, spam calls, voice spam storms, vishing and social engineering. Unfortunately, many organizations have been sluggish in responding to this escalating threat. In the U.S. alone, a staggering 5.16 billion robocalls were made in April, according to RoboKiller. To top it off, vishing attacks witnessed an almost 550% surge, according to a PhishLabs and Agari report.

These unwelcome calls pose a multitude of challenges, negatively impacting customer experience, call initiation, agent productivity and overall contact center performance. Industries heavily reliant on telecommunications find themselves particularly vulnerable, as unwanted calls erode customer satisfaction, hinder call initiation, impede agent efficiency and expose the entire organization to heightened risks.

"The telephone continues to be the most critical component of a world-class omni-channel experience," said Chuck French, Mutare's Chief Growth Officer. "Our mission is focused on protecting not just the voice channel, but the people who trust in it, each and every day."

To fulfill that mission and filter out those threats, Mutare, in a partnership with Five9, launched its Voice Traffic Filter, making it easy for contact centers to integrate a solution that eliminates unwanted phone calls with the Five9 Intelligent CX Cloud Contact Center.

Mutare, an organization with a three-decade-long legacy, is at the forefront of empowering businesses to reimagine their communication methods. They offer innovative voice security, digital voice and text messaging solutions that simplify, secure and enhance interactions with colleagues, customers and prospects. This results in reduced stress and increased efficiency for employees, a more positive experience for customers and improved financial outcomes for organizations.

The leadership team of Mutare is forward-thinking, dedicated and experienced, with a genuine passion for transforming business communications and positively impacting lives. They strive to create a positive impact and plan to take another stride forward with Five9.

Five9's Intelligent CX platform offers various features that include digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization and practical AI. By harnessing the power of these advanced technologies, Five9 is committed to crafting more personalized and meaningful customer interactions, empowering contact center agents, and driving measurable business outcomes.

It's not just the technology that sets Five9 apart; it's also the dedicated team and the strong relationships they build with customers that make the difference in delivering exceptional CX.

"Five9 is committed to collaborating and working with our partners to provide solutions that help our customers in this ever-changing digital world," said Patrice DeLorey, global partner sales manager for Five9. "With the rise in spam calls, it is critical we help companies with identification, so customers answer calls or texts with confidence.”

Voice Traffic Filter is available on the Five9 CX Marketplace and can be easily integrated with the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform.

Edited by Alex Passett
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