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Supervisors Must Deploy Strategies to Keep Remote Call Center Agents Motivated

By Greg Tavarez October 19, 2023

Most of us likely recall the relief and bit of joy that accompanied the opportunity to work from home. Employees enjoyed waking up a bit later and bypassing the usual traffic associated with a daily commute. There was no need to meticulously plan lunch the night before or even on the morning of the workday, with the constant concern of it being appropriated at the office. Also, there was the freedom to choose any attire for work, prioritizing comfort above all.

Working from home is not without its challenges, though, even for call center agents. Distractions abound, from household chores to family members, make it challenging to maintain focus and productivity. Also, the feeling of isolation from colleagues, which was initially manageable, gradually led to a sense of disconnection.

To continue reaping the benefits of working from home, supervisors of call center agents need to develop effective strategies for addressing these challenges as they are the ones who need to step forward to assist their agents.

Supervisors need to support the mental health of their call center agents to help them maintain their productivity and motivation. Early detection of mental health issues is crucial for a proactive response. Signs of problems may include changes in behavior, performance decline, attendance and punctuality issues, altered communication patterns, a decrease in interaction quality with customers, self-reports, focus difficulties and disorganization. This often leads to burnout, which results in agent turnover and customer dissatisfaction.

As for agents, do not hesitate to reach out to supervisors if your mental health is a concern.

Supervisors need to foster social connections among remote agents. Social support in the workplace, which is naturally present in the office, can be cultivated through scheduled interactions, such as end-of-day meetings and monthly luncheons.

Remember, creating opportunities for agents to build relationships is key to reducing burnout and turnover.

Speaking of creating opportunities, recognition and growth opportunities play a crucial role in agent morale and job satisfaction. Recognizing agents' achievements through personalized dashboards that highlight key performance indicators can boost their engagement. Additionally, offering pathways for skill development and career advancement leads to more engaged, high-performing agents.

Another fundamental that supervisors need to keep in mind is flexibility. Allowing agents to have autonomy in scheduling, such as accommodating split shifts for personal appointments, contributes to a better work-life balance and enhances motivation.

With many call center agents working remote today, supervisors must be aware that adaptability and support are the keys to not only reaping the benefits of working from home but also ensuring a contented call center team. This, in turn, benefits the organization as a whole.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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