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How To Use Clever Campaign Reporting And Preference Centers To Help Your Business Thrive

By: Special Guest    8/2/2018

When running a marketing campaign, it's indeed important to deliver your message the right way. That way, you will not only be sure of a future conver…

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AgilOne Leverages AI, ML to Enhance CDP Solution

By: Paula Bernier    8/1/2018

AgilOne recently introduced a new feature called 360 Profile for Customer Service to its customer data platform.

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Atlantech Online Adds Atmos to PBX Portfolio

By: Maurice Nagle    7/31/2018

Today, CallCabinet and Atlantech Online announced a partnership, which extends Atlantech Online's call recording capabilities with the addition of Atm…

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Emerging Technology: The Solution to Today's Aging Workforce

By: Special Guest    7/30/2018

It's no secret that industrial industries are being impacted by the aging workforce. In fact, Gartner recently reported this trend as one of the top c…

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Twilio, Google Cloud Contact Center AI Feature Easy Integration

By: Maurice Nagle    7/27/2018

Cloud communications platform provider Twilio announced a partnership with Google Cloud, which will result in the integration of Contact Center AI int…

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KOOKOO for Omnichannel

By: Maurice Nagle    7/23/2018

Ozonetel unveiled KOOKOO Interactive Assistant, the cloud communication provider's omnichannel service widget allows for one-click, VoIP calls with a …

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Unified Experience Call for More than Just Contact Center Agents

By: Erik Linask    7/20/2018

The modern contact center is still the lead in a mission to deliver a positive customer experience, but the evolution of communications technology and…

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Why Customer Service Should Matter in Your Life

By: Special Guest    7/19/2018

There are a lot of things out there that matter for businesses, but it's also important to think about what matters for us as consumers. When we go sh…

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Salesforce Einstein Improves Lids Email Marketing Performance

By: Paula Bernier    7/18/2018

Hat retailer Lids recently adopted Salesforce Einstein to send more personalized communications to a more targeted email list to get better program pe…

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AI & The Future of Work

By: Paula Bernier    7/16/2018

Businesses have to figure out how The Future of Work fits into their strategies and how they can use advanced technology platforms - including AI and …

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