With the Right Workforce Management Solution, Call Center Scheduling is Easy

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/17/2011

The average call center has a significant list of things to accomplish on any given day. Even with a large and skilled team of agents, the workload ca…

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Key Drivers for Rapid ROI on Workforce Management Solutions

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/17/2011

You've likely heard all the benefits a workforce management software platform can deliver within your contact center environment, but how can you be s…

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Workforce Management Helps to Identify Trends and Respond to Fluctuations in Call Volume

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/10/2011

With all the technological innovations emerging in the call center space to streamline interactions and keep costs down, one challenge that continues …

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Research Firm States More Organizations Including Call Centers are Implementing Workforce Management Solutions

By: Jamie Epstein    11/8/2011

Today, Nucleus Research, a provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services released the updated Technology Value Matri…

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Should You Leverage Workforce Management in the Cloud?

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/3/2011

Workforce management is a popular implementation in the call center to help streamline forecasting and scheduling activities. Without a clear understa…

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Let Delivery Companies and More Make Your Relocation Better

By: Special Guest    10/28/2011

If your boss has recently asked you to relocate to another country for your job, you probably don't know how to feel. You might be honored that your b…

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Getting the Most out of Your Workforce Management Solution

By: Chris DiMarco    10/17/2011

If you have any amount of experience in the call center space, then you've realized that without a proper workforce management solution, it is nearly …

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Why You Should Care about Real-time Contact Center Schedule Adherence

By: Linda Dobel    10/14/2011

When you admit that things seldom go as planned, even with the best contact center workforce management software, it's not being negative, it's being …

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Mindjet Announces Next Generation Collaboration Software for Work Management

By: Rajani Baburajan    10/6/2011

Mindjet, a provider of collaborative work management solutions, announced the release of Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows, the latest…

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Monet Tweet Tips for Workforce Management Success

By: Chris DiMarco    10/3/2011

Workforce management in the call center space is always a challenge, and since staffing is generally the largest overhead a company will face, it's mi…

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The Social Enterprise Demands Workforce Management in the Call Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/23/2011

The movement toward the Social Enterprise is set to be led by The company announced at the Dreamforce conference that this next step t…

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Migrate to a Flexible Shift Model to Drive Effective Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/14/2011

Have you motivated your call center team today? Have you helped to create excitement about a campaign? Are your agents excited about showing up for wo…

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Adding Channels Increases the Need for Forecasting

By: Chris DiMarco    9/8/2011

The channels a contact centers manages have expanded dramatically since the 80's when the telephone was king-adding email, instant messages and SMS al…

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Call Center Abandon Rates: What the Metric Means

By: David Sims    9/8/2011

Monet Software has been posting some good info about call center metrics, how to use them to set goals, what they mean, exactly.

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Managing Shrinkage in the Modern Call Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/24/2011

The call center of today is very different from the call center of 30 years ago. For starters, companies are more likely to use the term "contact cent…

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How Not to Be Intimated When Selecting Workforce Management Solutions

By: Linda Dobel    8/19/2011

Contact center managers know that as Murphy's Law would have it, two of the most critical elements in the center--human resources and service levels--…

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Workforce Management Forecasting Solutions Turn Assumptions into Educated Guesses

By: Chris DiMarco    8/8/2011

Making assumptions can land you in hot water in any situation. But add some intelligence to what would otherwise be an assumption and you end up with …

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Web-Based Communication Tools Good for Call Center Collaboration

By: David Sims    8/4/2011

If you're looking for a way to make your call center workforce's schedules more flexible to better address fluctuating call volumes, you might want to…

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Workforce Management Tools Help with Schedule Adherence

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/28/2011

The dynamics within the call center make it an exciting and challenging environment. Call center managers are charged with developing accurate forecas…

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Ten Ways to Improve Call Center Employee Motivation

By: David Sims    7/28/2011

Monet Software runs one of the better industry blogs for call centers out there, and now they have a post up about employee motivation.

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The Basics of Workforce Management Explained by Monet Software

By: David Sims    7/22/2011

According to a recent post on the Monet Software blog, Workforce management in a call center is "the art and science of having the right number of emp…

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Peoplefluent Unveils Mobile Talent Management Suite

By: Rajani Baburajan    7/14/2011

Peoplefluent, a provider of mobile and software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance …

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PayrollManager Express Announces Partnership with ADI Time

By: Deepika Mala    7/13/2011

PayrollManager Express, a full-service payroll provider offering outsourcing services to small to mid-sized businesses throughout North America, has s…

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The Details of Workforce Management

By: Chris DiMarco    7/5/2011

We've discussed in general terms what workforce management programs are capable of within a business, but the details of workforce management are what…

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Shrinkage Addressed with Workforce Management Software

By: Chris DiMarco    6/30/2011

Getting a handle on periods of inefficiency within a call center is a paramount concern in the industry. Every minute that one of your agents is unava…

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Portugal Telecom Benefits from ClickSoftware Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/23/2011

Automated workforce management and optimized solutions provider, ClickSoftware Technologies is celebrating a new customer success. Portugal Telecom, a…

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Pipkin Workforce Management Brings Focus Back to Workforce Management

By: Chris DiMarco    6/20/2011

It's rare these days that you find a call center software company that's totally devoted to providing workforce management utilities. Given that just …

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Honeywell Finalizes Offer to Buy EMS Technologies

By: David Sims    6/17/2011

Officials of Honeywell have announced the signing of an agreement to acquire EMS Technologies, which sells connectivity tools for mobile networking, r…

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Ultimate Software Releases UtiliPro HCM Spring Edition

By: David Sims    6/9/2011

Ultimate Software, a vendor of unified human capital management SaaS products for global businesses, has announced the Spring 2011 release of UltiPro …

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Why Smart Call Centers Use Workforce Management

By: David Sims    6/9/2011

Have you noticed that call center configurations are increasingly complex, what with multiple locations and time zones, more demanding customer intera…

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Workforce Management Helps to Create a Solid Performance Plan for the Call Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/2/2011

How motivated is your workforce? It is not enough for your call center agents to know what is expected of them. Yes, there are certain tasks they need…

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Workforce Management Software Trumps Spreadsheet Scheduling

By: Chris DiMarco    5/31/2011

For small and medium sized call centers, utilizing workforce management software is often prohibitively expensive. Frequently, this means that call ce…

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Workforce Management Proves Effective in Protecting Top Talent

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/25/2011

How do you keep good talent on your team? This is a question for any manager with quality employees. If an individual is good at his or her job, it is…

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SilkRoad Technology Partners With HireRight

By: Mandira Srivastava    5/24/2011

To enhance screening of applicants seeking employment in various industries and regions, SilkRoad Technology, Inc., a provider of talent management so…

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Improve Agent Adherence and Improve your Customer Service Operation

By: Chris DiMarco    5/17/2011

The ultimate goal of a workforce management program is to ensure that your call center operation is consistently filled with the best available agents…

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Explore the Potential in Schedule Adherence: Free Webinar

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/11/2011

There are a number of different challenges that exist for managers in the call center space. While it may be easy to assume that the biggest challenge…

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Monet Webinar Addresses Adherence in the Call Center

By: Chris DiMarco    5/10/2011

Adherence needs to be constantly monitored to ensure the maximum efficiency in your call center operation. Adherence compares the planned activity lev…

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Workforce Management Essential to Combating Seasonal Call Center Peaks

By: Chris DiMarco    4/27/2011

The challenge of managing a workforce is of major concern in a business where the absence of one agent can botch the flow of your entire operation. Th…

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Workforce Management Drives Effective Scheduling for Optimal Call Center Performance

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/19/2011

Call center staffing is a challenging task for any call center leader as there are many elements to juggle to present a schedule that adheres to proje…

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Workforce Management: An Essential Tool for the Small Call Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/14/2011

Companies that rely on call centers to produce revenues, address customer issues and manage all outside interactions place a lot of responsibility on …

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Hosted Workforce Management Solutions are Nothing to Be Scared of

By: Chris DiMarco    4/7/2011

Everyone in a call center management position understands that even though there is a lot of technology involved in running a successful communication…

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Is On-Premise or Cloud Call Center Software the Way to Go?

By: David Sims    4/1/2011

We know: You want to compare the cloud-based versions of call center software with the on-premise model to see how the different models stack up in te…

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OpenConnect Unveils Comprehend Business Process Intelligence and Analytics Software

By: Anil Sharma    3/22/2011

OpenConnect, a major player in business process intelligence and analytics software and services, has unveiled Comprehend 6, business software allowin…

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Top 25 KPIs of 2010 Draws from Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/15/2011 has announced that Talent Development, Recruitment and Human Resources (HR) Efficiency and Effectiveness dominate the "Top 25 KPIs of 20…

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Monet Software Offers Tips for Call Center Scheduling

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/11/2011

Call center scheduling - it is perhaps one of the most stressful of all the call center manager's tasks, and yet it is also one of the most important.…

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Workforce Management Solutions Help to Align Proper Forecasting and Scheduling

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/3/2011

Effectively managing the workforce is a tall order in the contact center as many different variables have to align correctly to achieve success. The g…

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Ohio Food Chain Adopts Workforce Management Software to Improve Employee Scheduling

By: Beecher Tuttle    2/28/2011

Workforce management software is quickly becoming a must-have solution for businesses with complex labor needs, including those that employ a large nu…

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Comparing Cloud vs. On Premise for Workforce Management Software

By: David Sims    2/24/2011

A recent study from Monet Software compares the cloud-based and the on premise software model, illustrating "how the different models would impact the…

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API Healthcare Synergy Now Available to Streamline Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/16/2011

API Healthcare has announced the release of API Healthcare Synergy. This comprehensive, fully integrated single-platform workforce management solution…

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Aberdeen Publishes Study Report on Trends Followed in Workforce Management

By: Shamila Janakiraman    2/11/2011

Aberdeen Group announced that its Service Management team has published its 2011 report on Field Service 2011: Key Trends in Workforce Management.

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