Monet Software's WFO Solution is the Next Call Center Industry Trend

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    5/16/2012

These days, global provider of Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions Monet Software is seeing major trends in the call center industry based on marke…

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Cloud-based Workforce Management Software Threatens 'Back Office' Technology

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    5/15/2012

Workforce management (WFM) software is maturing beyond time clocks to incorporate mobile access for improved labor productivity, a new study from Nucl…

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Contact Center Productivity is Biggest Challenge in Workforce Management

By: Anuradha Shukla    5/14/2012

Knowlagent has identified the biggest challenges and opportunities workforce managers face concerning contact center productivity through a survey it …

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WorkForce Software & EmployTouch Introduce Tablet-Based Workforce Management

By: Michelle Amodio    5/9/2012

Workforce management solutions provider WorkForce Software recently linked with EmployTouch to bring workforce management to tablets. EmployTouch is t…

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Monet Unifies Workforce Management and Call Recording

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    5/7/2012

Monet Software's call recording software helps businesses capture voice conversations with their customers. Combined with call center workforce manage…

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Carteret General Hospital Taps Kronos for Workforce Management

By: Rajani Baburajan    4/30/2012

Kronos provides workforce management solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage their workforce and improve efficiencies. Recently the …

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MoCo Offers Signature Capture in Mobilize Workforce Management System

By: Meenakshi Shankar    4/30/2012

MoCo Software Solutions, a company established in 1985 as a mobile phone solutions company, is offering Signature Capture in their Mobilize mobile wor…

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ReportTime to Introduce SaaS Workforce Management Solution

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/25/2012

ReportTime, LLC has released the launch of the ReportTime time and attendance workforce management solution, a fully integrated labor management and s…

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Workforce Management Provider Cornerstone OnDemand in Pact with Visier

By: Rajani Baburajan    4/23/2012

Workforce management and analytics solutions help HR organizations make fact-based decisions about their employee-related investments. In this harsh e…

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Survey Shows Recognition Programs Improve Workforce Management

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/16/2012

The SHRM/Globoforce semi-annual survey examines the current state of HR leaders' employee engagement and recognition practices and their impact on per…

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Monet Software's Unified WFO Platform Improves Workforce Management

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/16/2012

Monet Software, Inc., a provider of cloud-based Workforce Optimization, recently unveiled the availability of Monet Record and Monet Quality, expandin…

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Natural Insight Workforce Management Data Shows Retail Economy Improvement

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/12/2012

Private retail technology company specializing in workforce management Natural Insight has shared an update on corporate performance that reflects rec…

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WilcoHess Chooses Workforce Management Solution for Improved Productivity

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/10/2012

An operator of more than 400 convenience stores, travel plazas, and restaurants in southeastern U.S., WilcoHess recently selected a workforce manageme…

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Mobile Workforce Management Solution Deployed for Customers Across the Globe

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    4/4/2012

Syclo, a provider of mobile solutions for workforce automation and management, revealed today that the large European utility TMVW implemented its SMA…

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Calabrio Now a Part of Cisco's SolutionsPlus Program

By: Meenakshi Shankar    4/2/2012

Calabrio, a company specializing in enterprise recording and contact center workforce optimization software, expanded its relation with Cisco by becom…

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Call Recording Can Extend the Value of Your Workforce Management Software

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    3/27/2012

The goal of workforce management is to create a more productive work environment through the planning, management tracking and analysis of agent perfo…

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TimeLink to Showcase Workforce Management Innovation at Inforum 2012

By: Rajani Baburajan    3/26/2012

Workforce management has become integral to improve employee efficiency and overall productivity of the business. Nowadays there is a growing trend am…

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Workforce Management Solutions Could Save Your Business during Hard Times

By: Rajani Baburajan    3/19/2012

Workforce management becomes critical for businesses during trying times like the ongoing recession. The need for an effective workforce management ha…

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Tips for Optimizing Workforce Management Platforms

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/19/2012

You know you need to focus on call center scheduling to keep all channels manned at all times. But is it enough to simply provide the right number of …

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Workforce Management: Personal Cloud to Replace the Personal Computer as the Center of Users' Digital Lives

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    3/13/2012

The reign of the personal computer as the sole corporate access device is coming to a close, and by 2014, the personal cloud will soon replace the per…

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Workforce Management Software Selection Guide for Call Centers

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    3/13/2012

Every call center has different needs depending on size, structure, industry, type of calls and many other factors. In its recent blog post, Monet Sof…

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ScheduleSoft and Empower Team Deliver Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions

By: Madhubanti Rudra    3/12/2012

Two leaders in workflow management solutions industry, ScheduleSoft and Empower Software have come together in a strategic partnership. The partnershi…

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By: Amanda Ciccatelli    3/6/2012

The Workforce Management Online Certification Program, developed by's Institute for Human Resources (IHR), has just completed its first year of…

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ClickSoftware Attending Field Service Latin America to Share Workforce Management Solutions

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    3/6/2012

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a global provider of automated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions for the service industry, unvei…

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Noble Systems Advocates Adoption of Modern WFM Technology in Workplace

By: Mini Swamy    2/29/2012

Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions, conducted a survey to assess the extent and nature of prevailing…

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Apple's iCloud: 25 Million Users per Month and Growing

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    2/28/2012

Apple has almost grown to become the most powerful company in the world as more and more people begin to share music and photos across Apple gadgets a…

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Cloud Security Alliance Launches Innovation Program

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    2/27/2012

Whether companies are already computing in cloud environments, planning to do so, or thinking about how those systems will be kept secure as part of w…

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SAP and SuccessFactors Improve Workforce Management Using the Cloud

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    2/22/2012

SAP and SuccessFactors, a SAP company, today unveiled their unified product direction for human capital management (HCM) solutions. The companies will…

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Why Workforce Management in the Cloud?

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/16/2012

With all the hype surrounding the cloud, many a purchasing manager or IT decision maker is left wondering whether the benefits truly deliver or if on-…

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Workforce Management: Worth the Investment?

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/8/2012

Management of the workforce - a required task within the call center that leaders may or may not want to tackle. Regardless of the products or service…

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Maximize Your Workforce Management Investment with a Flexible Shift Model

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/3/2012

As a call center manager, you spend most of your time coaching agents, monitoring calls, checking performance levels and reporting on key performance …

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Considerations for Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/24/2012

The call center is constantly responsible for balancing cost with service. Catering to customer demand is no longer enough; the call center today must…

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Workforce Management in the Cloud - Better than On-Premise?

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/18/2012

As a leader in your call center, you already know you need a workforce management solution to ensure the success of your operation. Now, you must deci…

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Mastering Call Center Scheduling For Optimum Operations

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/13/2012

If you run or manage a call center, you'll know that there are no shortage of challenges, and these challenges would appear to keep multiplying with e…

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Why Workforce Management Software Should Be on Your Call Center's Wish List

By: Chris DiMarco    1/12/2012

We all know the disappointment of getting a bad gift around the holidays. Whether it's another snowman sweater from grandma, or the annual fruitcake b…

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Tips for Maximizing Workforce Management Value

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/5/2012

In the call center space, traditional techniques demanded a clear dependency on the spreadsheet to capture information, schedule call activities, deve…

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Tips for Building a Business Case for Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/28/2011

Meeting staffing goals within the call center is nothing short of a challenge. Not only do you need to be sure you have the right agents with the righ…

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Tips for Developing a Case for Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/22/2011

Have you measured the cost to your call center when agents are not in their seats and talking on the phone according to your schedule? Have you strugg…

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ThingWorx Announces Staff Expansion

By: Madhubanti Rudra    12/21/2011

In an attempt to support its growth in the coming year, ThingWorx, a connected application platform, has announced an expansion of its staff in multip…

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E22 Alloy Harnesses Power of Workforce with 'Alloy' Launch

By: Mini Swamy    12/12/2011

Bringing insightful analytics to organizational management and transparency into the performance of the digital workforce is what E22 Alloy, a Souther…

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Shrinkage: A Problem With Laundry, But With Contact Center Agents?

By: David Sims    12/12/2011

The solution to contact center agent shrinkage is rather easy: Wash them in cold water. (Rimshot)

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Exploring the Importance of Adherence in Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/1/2011

The environment within the contact center is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Contact center managers juggle a variety of elements to …

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Workforce Management in the Cloud - Too Good to be True?

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/23/2011

The talk surrounding Apple and the telecommunications industry since June has been the former's announcement of the iCloud. This innovation in cloud c…

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With the Right Workforce Management Solution, Call Center Scheduling is Easy

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/17/2011

The average call center has a significant list of things to accomplish on any given day. Even with a large and skilled team of agents, the workload ca…

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Key Drivers for Rapid ROI on Workforce Management Solutions

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/17/2011

You've likely heard all the benefits a workforce management software platform can deliver within your contact center environment, but how can you be s…

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Workforce Management Helps to Identify Trends and Respond to Fluctuations in Call Volume

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/10/2011

With all the technological innovations emerging in the call center space to streamline interactions and keep costs down, one challenge that continues …

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Research Firm States More Organizations Including Call Centers are Implementing Workforce Management Solutions

By: Jamie Epstein    11/8/2011

Today, Nucleus Research, a provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services released the updated Technology Value Matri…

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Should You Leverage Workforce Management in the Cloud?

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/3/2011

Workforce management is a popular implementation in the call center to help streamline forecasting and scheduling activities. Without a clear understa…

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Let Delivery Companies and More Make Your Relocation Better

By: Special Guest    10/28/2011

If your boss has recently asked you to relocate to another country for your job, you probably don't know how to feel. You might be honored that your b…

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Getting the Most out of Your Workforce Management Solution

By: Chris DiMarco    10/17/2011

If you have any amount of experience in the call center space, then you've realized that without a proper workforce management solution, it is nearly …

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