Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Enghouse Interactive, MetroNaps, Oracle

By: Paula Bernier    6/17/2017

Contact Center Solutions this week tackled the topics of cloud contact centers, rest, service in the age of social support, and WebRTC.

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Instagram Helps Influencers Keep It Real

By: Paula Bernier    6/16/2017

Instagram is now providing tools explicitly designed for disclosing paid endorsements by influencers.

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Survey Shows Growth of Influencer Marketing

By: Andrew Bindelglass    6/16/2017

Influencer Marketing Hub recently unveiled a survey detailing just how much influencer marketing has grown.

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VoiceBase Announces New PCI Compliance

By: Paula Bernier    6/16/2017

VoiceBase's PCI Detection and Redaction features are now compliant with the Level 1 service provider designation of the 3.2 PCI DSS.

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Service in the Age of Social Support

By: Special Guest    6/15/2017

In the last decade, consumers have increasingly sought out social platforms as channels to both engage with brands and to consult with their highly-co…

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NGD Hosts TeleWare Cloud-based Call Recording Service

By: Frank Griffin    6/14/2017

Next Generation Data will now host the cloud-based call recording service by TeleWare to support its new Cloud Call platform.

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How Short Rests Can Improve Call Center Performance

By: Special Guest    6/14/2017

Research shows that taking a nap improves workers' alertness, productivity and receptiveness to learning, and call centers that have installed short-r…

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GENBAND, Five9 Partner to Put Power of WebRTC in Contact Centers

By: Maurice Nagle    6/14/2017

Today, contact center solution provider Five9 and GENBAND announced a newly minted partnership. Now, Five9's contact center customers can put the powe…

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UK Call Recording Laws: What You Need to Know

By: Paula Bernier    6/14/2017

Call recording can be a valuable business tool for companies with external-facing contact centers. But it also includes ensuring personal privacy in l…

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Four Tech Hacks for Faster Customer Onboarding

By: Special Guest    6/14/2017

Customer onboarding is a critical first stage in customer experience. After all, first impressions make lasting impacts. Evidence suggests we form fir…

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Filling the Gap Between Help Desk Schedules and Adherence

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/14/2017

Incorporating workforce management into Salesforce Service Cloud can make forecasting easier and more accurate, allowing contact centers to optimize t…

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Skype for Business Gets Call Recording Boost with Atmos Skype

By: Maurice Nagle    6/13/2017

Enter stage right: CallCabinet. Today, the provider of cloud-based call recording solutions and Microsoft independent software vendor partner announce…

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Increasing Productivity in the Call Center

By: Alicia Young    6/13/2017

When a customer reaches out to a call center, that's often their first point of contact with a company. Therefore, it's in everyone's best interest fo…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Using Cloud Contact Center Technology

By: Special Guest    6/12/2017

Cloud technology has transformed the industry by effectively removing the need for enterprises to own, operate and manage an on-site contact center sy…

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Call Recording Week in Review: CallMiner, VCL, Avaya & More

By: Maurice Nagle    6/10/2017

Call recording is a fixture in the modern organization. From compliance and quality assurance, to training and sales, the uses are many and the benefi…

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, Mahindra Comviva, ShoreTel, TELUS International

By: Paula Bernier    6/10/2017

Aspect Software, Mahindra Comviva, ShoreTel, and TELUS International were front and center this week in our Contact Center Solutions coverage.

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TELUS International Touts New Omni-Channel Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    6/9/2017

This week, TELUS International announced the arrival of its omni-channel customer support solution. Moving beyond simply deploying the solution, TELUS…

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How Call Recording Pays Dividends

By: Paula Bernier    6/9/2017

Call recording provides both customer- and inward-facing benefits for the contact center.

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Aspect Named Vendor of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

By: Alicia Young    6/9/2017

Aspect Software receives the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Thailand Contact Center Applications Vendor of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan.

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ShoreTel Says G'day Mate with Cloud Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    6/8/2017

ShoreTel announced the arrival of ShoreTel Connect CLOUD and ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Contact Center solutions to Australia this week. Already available…

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Mahindra Comviva Expands Ngage Messaging Platform

By: Paula Bernier    6/8/2017

Mahindra Comviva has added chatbot, push notifications, and social media integration to its Ngage messaging platform.

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CXM Recording and QM Software Suite Compliant with Avaya

By: Paula Bernier    6/8/2017

The recording and quality monitoring software suite from CXM is now compliant with key communication and contact center solutions from Avaya. This int…

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CallMiner Eureka Puts Call Recording to Use

By: Steve Anderson    6/8/2017

The value of call recording is in using the recordings, and CallMiner Eureka from CallMiner allows that to happen.

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Workforce Management Makes Call Center Vacations a Breeze

By: Steve Anderson    6/8/2017

Managing vacation time in the call center can be a trial, but with the right workforce management, it can be a huge help.

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Boosting Your Conversions with Facebook Offer Ads

By: Special Guest    6/7/2017

For almost five years now, Facebook has allowed businesses to create Offer Ads to promote products or services. Countless businesses, startups and big…

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Improving the Consumer Goods B2B Customer Experience in a B2C World

By: Special Guest    6/6/2017

Thanks to the customer experience revolution, B2B users are now expecting convenience and speed while craving for personalized and connected touch poi…

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Can WebRTC Revolutionize the Contact Center?

By: Alicia Young    6/6/2017

There are a number of people who believe that WebRTC is gearing up to change the world. It is being applied in several new and innovative ways, and it…

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Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

By: Special Guest    6/5/2017

In this day and age, businesses should have active Instagram accounts. This is because this social media platform has millions of users across the wor…

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Suicide Prevention Hotline Fails US Veterans

By: Laura Stotler    6/5/2017

The Veterans Crisis Line (VCL), a suicide prevention hotline for U.S. veterans, has failed to address a number of recommendations to improve its call …

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Call Recording Week in Review: CallMiner, Etech, HIPAA & More

By: Maurice Nagle    6/3/2017

From quality assurance and training, to compliance and more, call recording is an integral piece to contact center performance, delivering upon custom…

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, Avtext, DeviceBits, Virtual Hold Technology

By: Paula Bernier    6/3/2017

This week in Contact Center Solutions we learned about a new acquisition, omnichannel in retail, the wide-ranging impacts of and inputs to customer ex…

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Influencers Have Taken Over Online Video

By: Paula Bernier    6/2/2017

Influencers are using video to reach and engage with massive online audiences. And smart brands, and media and entertainment companies, should pay att…

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Social Media Essential to Influencer Marketing Success

By: Andrew Bindelglass    6/2/2017

The rise of ad blockers has made deploying a successful influencer marketing campaign more important than ever.

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Choosing the Proper Workforce Management Solution

By: Laura Stotler    6/2/2017

Deploying a workforce management solution in the call center is a no brainer, but the right offering should meet a few important criteria.

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Omnichannel Is About Customer Support, Not Sales Alone

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/2/2017

A recent whitepaper by DeviceBits noted that omnichannel is now widely accepted as the strategy that will drive retail into the future. The problem is…

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Patient Record Breaches Come at a High Cost

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/2/2017

Frontier IT recently highlighted several of the nation's biggest electronic protected healthcare information breaches (and fines) on record. What do t…

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Etech Chosen for Quality Management Solutions

By: Alicia Young    6/1/2017

A large call center operation with multiple locations has just chosen Etech to provide it with quality management and assurance solutions.

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Phillips & Cohen Choose CallMiner Eureka for Increased Quality Monitoring

By: Maurice Nagle    6/1/2017

Today, in a joint announcement, Phillips & Cohen announced an expanded partnership with CallMiner Eureka to improve its agents' level of compassion an…

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Customer Engagement Doesn't Begin and End in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/1/2017

A good customer engagement program bolstered by an omnichannel solution can help turn your customer relationships into productive two-way conversation…

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Avtex Acquires IAS for Improved CX

By: Alicia Young    5/31/2017

Avtex, a provider of Customer Interaction Management Solutions, announced this week that it has acquired Integrated Access Solutions (IAS), a customer…

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The Power of Video Counseling and its Impact on Compliance Recording

By: ASC Horizons    5/31/2017

Contact centers have been steadily expanding their ability to interact with consumers on multiple channels including email, screen activities, chat an…

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The Key to Managing Virtual Employees

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/31/2017

In the contact center, workforce management is a challenging enough job when all agents are under the same roof. Increasingly, however, managers are h…

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Be One with the Cloud

By: Special Guest    5/30/2017

Every interaction, touch point, and communication can move a customer's stress level. Successful brands create a harmonious connection with customers …

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Call Recording Week in Review: Noble, CardEasy, Avaya & More

By: Maurice Nagle    5/27/2017

Call recording is a necessary tool in the arsenal of the modern contact center. Cloud-based or on-premises, call recording solutions enable improved a…

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Technology Makes 'Fast, Good and Affordable' Customer Support Possible

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/26/2017

With yesterday's technology, achieving "fast, good and cheap" customer support might have been about as easy as summoning a unicorn to your garden. Sm…

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Noble Systems Supports PCI Compliance with New Release

By: Maurice Nagle    5/26/2017

Noble Systems Corporation announced the arrival of Noble Secure Payment Assist, a tool that improves customer service and protects customer data. The …

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CardEasy Now Compliant with Avaya Contact Center Solutions

By: Maurice Nagle    5/25/2017

Recently, Syntec, a preeminent managed services provider and network operator in the UK, announced its CardEasy MOTO payment solution is now compliant…

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Are You Recording and Storing Your Customers' Personal Info?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/25/2017

To avoid recording sensitive customer information that could be breached, some companies have a policy of "stop-start," in which agents stop the recor…

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TCN Bolsters Contact Center with Text Messaging

By: Steve Anderson    5/24/2017

TCN's latest addition to TCN Platform 3.0 offers contact centers a new SMS text messaging option.

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Managing The Contact Center Across All Channels

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/24/2017

Unless the contact center is prepared to meet customers in the omnichannel customer engagement model, it will be a lonely place for customers, and bus…

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