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Cresta Announces Expansion of Real-Time Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers

By Tracey E. Schelmetic August 05, 2022

Today, many contact center solutions are using AI-powered products designed to work together with the solution to improve contact center efficiency and effectiveness and enhance customer experiences across every customer conversation regardless of channel.

This week, San Francisco-based Cresta, a provider of real-time intelligence solutions for the contact center, announced the expansion of its Real-Time Intelligence Platform, a comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered products. The portfolio was designed to help business leaders, agents and managers work smarter and faster without having to navigate between disconnected tools and applications.

"Contact centers are the front door for customer interaction, and business leaders are increasingly turning to AI to understand those customer conversations to drive business strategy and action," said Zayd Enam, CEO and co-founder of Cresta, in a statement. "However, we've noticed that platform fragmentation has become the top pain point preventing them from truly realizing this vision.”

The Real-Time Intelligence platform was created to help businesses overcome this challenge by delivering a holistic and integrated platform that layers into any existing contact center. The modular and integrated approach aims to close the gap between insight and action, empowering teams to achieve greater levels of visibility, insight, and action on each customer conversation.

Along with major enhancements to Cresta's existing Agent Assist and Director products, the expanded release marks the introduction of two new products: Cresta Insights, a tool for helping companies understand customer conversations in real-time, and Cresta Chatbot, which helps contact centers identify and automate high value chatbot use cases.

The platform already offers an Agent Assist feature, and new enhancements to it can help further boost agent productivity and efficiency, said the company. Updates include Auto Summarization and Auto Note Taking, which remove tedious post-call tasks and improve disposition accuracy by automating 100 percent of call notes and summaries in real-time. Also included are major improvements to Knowledge Assist and Guided Workflows, which use the context of the conversation to recommend the best articles and workflows to help agents solve customer questions.

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