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SoundHound Delivers Next-Gen Voice Assistant with Generative AI

By Greg Tavarez March 29, 2023

Asking questions to voice AI (whether it be Alexa, Google, or Siri) can feel a bit awkward. Personally, at times, it almost feels unnatural and scripted; some feel like they have to become formal with the tones of their voices to be certain the question or message is clearly heard. If not, the dreaded "Sorry, I didn't get that,” comes through.

Maybe others feel the same?

At any rate, things would feel more natural if it were as easy to ask requests like:

  • “I need birthday gift ideas for my 5-year-old nephew.”
  • “Can you plan a nice dinner date for my significant other and me?”

And to ask follow-up questions would be just as great. As a sports fan, maybe something along the lines of:

  • “When is the Miami Heat’s next game?”
    • “Are there tickets available?”
    • “What is the price range?”

A natural conversation with voice AI is the ideal situation, and it is possible with SoundHound Chat AI, a voice platform that brings together voice-enabled generative AI and voice assistant to allow any business to build a next-generation voice experience for its users.

The new platform provides a full, end-to-end voice AI technology stack that enables the integration of any third-party generative AI model, resulting in a seamless conversational experience. Using software engineering technology named Conversational AI Language (CaiLAN) and machine learning (ML) technology named Conversational AI Network (CaiNET) to ensure fast, accurate and appropriate responses, the platform intelligently selects the correct response from the most appropriate domain, including real-time questions about weather, sports, stock and flight status.

CaiNET connects to SoundHound’s internal models, as well as external models such as OpenAI’s GPT (among others). CaiLAN controls and arbitrates the results to provide the best response to the user.

The integration of the ChatGPT-powered answer further enriches the conversational experience, allowing users to communicate in natural language. SoundHound's Chat AI platform offers the perfect blend of advanced technology and user-friendliness, providing a new level of convenience for users.

With the launch of the SoundHound Chat AI app (now available by subscription in the Android Google Play Store, and coming soon to the iOS App Store), consumers and businesses can experience how voice is the most natural interface for AI and other information domains.

“SoundHound Chat AI ushers in a new phase of voice-enabled, conversational AI that used to only exist in science fiction,” said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and co-founder of SoundHound. “By combining the power of software engineering and machine learning with generative AI, we can finally deliver the digital assistant experience users have desired for decades.”

This launch expands SoundHound’s real-world generative AI integrations and use cases. The company is actively integrating generative AI into its SoundHound for Restaurants and SoundHound Automotive products.

Edited by Alex Passett
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