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Newegg, New ChatGPT: Retailer Integrates AI to Improve E-Commerce Experiences

By Alex Passett March 31, 2023

Liaison Interactive-owned online retailer Newegg has seen its fair share of growth in the past few years. In present day, it’s clear that hasn’t changed; in late 2022, Simply Wall Street’s stock and sector analysis platform reported a fundamentally strong net income growth from Newegg, when compared to other industry figures.

Newegg obviously looks to further its growth. So, in present day, what is the company taking advantage of?

If you guessed ChatGPT, good on you. (The world’s running more and more on GPTs these days.)

So, the news specifics: Newegg has announced that it’s officially tapping into ChatGPT to improve customers’ shopping experiences online, and there’s four important ways it’s achieving this:

  • ChatGPT is now included in Newegg’s PC Builder. The PC Builder, launched in June of 2020, helps Newegg customers discover compatible computer parts in order to assemble their own systems within budget (and with their preferred specs). Now, the AI-powered search feature enables customers to enter select PC attributes, and ChatGPT will evaluate their list(s) and recommend right-fit components. Try it (in beta) here.
  • ChatGPT, as utilized by Newegg, can optimize/modify text throughout the site. Why? Mainly, to assist customer browsing habits so they can discover products more easily. (A personal note: As a former marketing/e-commerce writer, myself, this is definitely interesting.) Such text-related functions for ChatGPT in Newegg include for PDPs (product detail pages), descriptive product summaries, bullet points, and other dynamic content.
  • With a new ChatGPT-fueled Customer Service Chat, Newegg customers will also benefit. This augmented chatbot functionality will provide the best-available answers to customers, as well as alerting Newegg staff for problem resolutions, if and when necessary. (Barring complications, this new chat will save Newegg reps time and resources, in the long haul.) On a side note: ChatGPT will also assist staff in crafting email subject lines for customers in order to improve open rates.
  • SEO. Search Engine Optimization tasks on Newegg’s plate will be handled – at least in part – by ChatGPT. (e.g. via on-site text, metadata descriptions, page navigation improvements for targeted content, etc.)

“We’re always evaluating our technologies to ensure we provide the best in customer services,” said Lucy Huo, Newegg’s Vice President of Application Development. “We’ve tested and proven ChatGPT’s practical uses for Newegg; it will elevate customers’ shopping experiences while, at the same time, not replacing any employees. We’ve ensured it will simply add resources so employees are more available to handle other projects.”

Newegg recently opened trading and saw a 0.78% gain. Stocks aside, the benefits have the potential to be substantial. We suppose time will tell.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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