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Verint and Google Cloud Collaborate to Close Engagement Capacity Gap

By Greg Tavarez April 21, 2023

Companies are always seeking new ways to attract and retain customers. One prominent strategy is through customer engagement solutions. Effective communication, personalization, omnichannel engagement, feedback and measurement and continuous improvement are all key components; these are critical for businesses to build strong customer relationships, increase loyalty and drive revenue growth.

So, companies subsequently look to customer engagement companies to help them integrate those capabilities. One prominent player in the customer engagement space is Verint. Verint's innovative solutions help organizations transform customer engagement and drive business success.

Now, Verint is looking to expand more on its own customer engagement expertise by improving contact center performance in a partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will integrate Google Cloud's Contact Center AI, or CCAI, with Verint's Customer Engagement Platform, allowing organizations to close the Engagement Capacity Gap through CX automation.

Google Cloud’s CCAI a suite of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools that help businesses improve their customer service operations. Its key features include Dialogflow for building conversational agents, virtual agents that handle customer queries through voice or chat interfaces, Agent Assist for real-time support to human agents, Sentiment Analysis for analyzing the sentiment of customer behaviors and interactions, and analytics for detailed reporting on key metrics such as customer satisfaction, agent performance and call volume.

The Verint Customer Engagement Platform includes tools for workforce optimization, voice of the customer, and analytics capabilities. This enables organizations to optimize staffing and training, monitor and improve agent performance, capture and analyze customer feedback, and gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Verint's unique open architecture, combined with Google Cloud's CCAI, provides critical capabilities for organizations to ensure quality and compliance, as well as better routing, orchestration and the scheduling of agents to handle customer interactions and deliver high CSAT.

“These new integrations are built on a CCaaS 3.0 architecture which provides flexibility to meet each customer's exact needs,” said Amit Kumar, Product Manager, CCAI Platform, Google Cloud. “It is a comprehensive multi-experience CCaaS solution that creates quality modern experiences, such as mobile-first, for the consumer as well as for the agent."

Verint is also bringing its Workforce Engagement and CX solutions to Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel.

Edited by Alex Passett
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