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With the Integration of Zendesk Support, AgentAssist from Elevates Contact Center Efficiency

By Alex Passett May 01, 2023

As a two-time “Leader” honoree of the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms, enterprise conversational AI solutions provider believes most H2M (or human-to-machine) interactions (i.e. machines here are also identified as virtual assistants, or VAs) can be automated for the greater good of the company’s customers and their respective teams. recognizes that the digital experiences of today are manifesting as complex interactions, so automating where possible and simplifying the fluidity of these interactions will speed up business and redefine customer-centric plan-of-action models.

Now, let’s tie to Zendesk; specifically, Zendesk Support. Zendesk is a well-known platform built for handling customer support operations with complete data reporting and more than 90 unique integrations.

Tied together, we get this news: Quite recently, announced the integration of its conversational AgentAssist with Zendesk Support's intelligent virtual assistant (or IVA) automation. This IVA for customer contact center agents is set to expand the breadth of Zendesk Support’s capabilities across digital channels; in doing so, it’ll handle various lead-generating and sales process duties through (as mentioned above) a simplified and more fluid user experience.

The long-story-short of the details:

Improving agents’ accuracies and measurable levels of productivity is a boon in the age of instant-everything expectations (including that of customers’ gratifications). And so, by algorithmically accessing customer information from CRMs (and other third-party systems) at the very beginning of a conversation, AgentAssist equips call center agents with highly contextual information related to customer objectives. That automation in and of itself is huge.

Moreover, this new integration is designed to reduce average handling time and boost contact centers’ efficiencies through agent automation assistance, real-time customer information, next-best-action suggestions, and automated case summaries.

These IVAs employ natural language understanding (NLU) and contextual intelligence in order to discern user intent, sentiment, and tone. AgentAssist offers helpful prompts to agents based on the customer’s detected intent or stage in the conversation. This technology can also trigger API calls, launch applications, or initiate RPA (a.k.a. robotic process automation. And with Zendesk Support, AgentAssist can reliably process transactions with customer accounts and CRM databases, shoring up automation there, as well.

Overall, the integration of AgentAssist with Zendesk Support is designed to empower contact center agents while removing overloads from their plates, so to speak. The benefits of tech like this will help businesses greatly, with a Gartner estimation of cost-savings up to $80 billion by 2026. AgentAssist can even handle tasks like balance transfers, appointment bookings, field service scheduling, and policy updates. And again, like any impactful form of automation, this allows teams (in this case, live agents) to focus on more high-value interactions. (e.g. upselling or cross-selling)

The list goes on, by the way; by integrating with enterprise CRM and other backend systems, AgentAssist can launch applications, run RPA flows, and provide natural language processing (NLP) support in more than 100 languages, thus expediting post-call summarizations for record-keeping purposes.

The Intelligent AgentAssist integration for Zendesk Support is now available on the Zendesk marketplace.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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