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With New Era of Customer Experience, Airship Makes Innovations to App Experience Platform

By Greg Tavarez May 02, 2023

Mobile apps are the primary digital hub for customer engagement. Just think about it; mobile apps provide convenience, personalization and enhanced functionality. They offer a unique combination of features that are not possible with other digital channels, such as speed, performance and engagement.

Also, businesses gain the ability to engage with customers through push notifications, in-app messaging and other forms of communication, making mobile apps an effective tool for building customer relationships and brand loyalty.

With that said, many brands haven’t improved app retention rates in years. App teams remain too reliant on precious development resources to make improvements that would change this dynamic. It’s a big problem. In fact, according to an Airship survey, nearly three-quarters of marketers and mobile product owners, weekly, think about enhancements to better onboard, activate and understand app users, but 48 out of 50 rely on developers to make improvements happen.

Airship is a company that started by providing commercial messages for apps but has since expanded to include a data-driven approach to re-engagement channels like mobile wallet, SMS and email. They also offer services for app UX experimentation, no-code native app experience creation and App Store Optimization, or ASO.

Taking the information from its survey, Airship figured something had to change. That is why Airship made major innovations to its App Experience Platform, including the App Experience Editor, Airship Journeys, Airship Mail and Airship Coupons.

The App Experience Editor aims to solve a problem that has long been a pain point for mobile app teams – long wait times for marketers and mobile product owners who want to make improvements to app experiences, causing frustration and lost revenue opportunities. The App Experience Editor gives brands the ability to create and optimize high-value app experiences themselves with full native performance, accessibility and measurement.

Airship Journeys offers a centralized platform for managing customer journeys across app experiences and campaigns. Essentially what it does is provide easy-to-understand visualizations of performance and enable users to make changes quickly with a few clicks. Furthermore, Airship integrated OpenAI, which most are familiar with today due to ChatGPT, within its message composer. The purpose of this integration is to streamline content testing and optimization and generate unlimited variations of content, including localized content in different languages.

The upgrades to Airship Email support complex segmentation, personalization and testing strategies. It also features deliverability monitoring, suppression management for compliance and email rendering across hundreds of email clients, browsers and devices. The no-code, drag-and-drop email editor interface gives marketers complete control over design.

As for Airship Coupons, it allows users to create personalized promo codes for highly targeted offers across various channels, including in-app message centers, mobile wallets, ads, emails and physical stores. The NBA's Phoenix Suns, for example, partnered with FanDuel to offer paperless special promotions using Airship's App Experience Platform's unique capabilities.

So, let’s see. App Experience Editor, Airship Journeys, Airship Mail and Airship Coupons; that seems to be it for the new innovations.

Oh wait, there are still more innovations among the mix.

Airship now provides consistent and scalable live update experiences for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Airship Live Updates for Android enables customers to receive dynamically updated information on their lock screen and notification tray. Additionally, Airship's Partner Configuration Tool allows brands to easily integrate Airship with other solutions and connect data and customer journeys across digital ecosystems without the need for coding.

These new features help brands meet customers' real-time expectations and offer a similar experience across all mobile devices.

“Airship is on a mission to make life better with better mobile app experiences,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president of Airship. “With the unveiling of Airship’s no-code native app experience editor, marketers and product teams can now finally take charge of both app experiences and campaigns to form critical first impressions and substantively grow and sustain value over time.

As Caine goes on to further state, all are entering “a new era of customer experience at the speed of mobile, inside and outside the app.” Airship looks to carry businesses through that era.

Edited by Alex Passett
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