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Bright Pattern Announces 'Omni-Enterprise' Contact Center Platform

By Tracey E. Schelmetic May 04, 2023

The point of contact for customers may be the contact center, but the knowledge necessary to solve customers’ problems needs to come from all over the enterprise. So how do you expand the point of contact for customers so that solving issues to customers’ satisfaction can be an enterprise-wide endeavor?

Cloud contact center company Bright Pattern announced the launch of what it’s calling “the world's first omni-enterprise contact center platform,” with a goal of allowing the entire company to help improve the customer experience. The solution is an all-in-one, comprehensive, enterprise-grade contact center platform with all channels native to the platform.

Bright Pattern provides agents with an omnichannel desktop to handle all interactions on every channel via a "single pane of glass." This reduces effort for both customers and agents, allowing for an easy, personalized conversation. Agents can easily see every interaction on all channels and switch to other channels as needed. The omnichannel desktop also provides prior customer journey history.

Here’s where the “omni-enterprise” component comes in: any employee can be connected to any customer on voice and digital channels via an omnichannel mobile app, according to the company. Bright Pattern Mobile is an omnichannel communication app for iPhones and Android that is powered by the Bright Pattern platform. The Bright Pattern Mobile App allows the user's mobile phone to handle voice calls and also allows any employee to message, web chat, or SMS with customers directly from their mobile phone. Because Bright Pattern Mobile is part of the Bright Pattern platform, companies are now able to see enterprise wide customer experience productivity metrics for employees anywhere in the company via Bright Pattern dashboards.

"We see Omni-Enterprise as the next step into the future beyond omnichannel,” said Ted Hunting, SVP of Marketing for Bright Pattern. “Just as omnichannel communication breaks down channel silos for customers and agents to improve CX, omni-enterprise breaks down organizational silos allowing anyone in the company to help customers and drive greater company-wide productivity to improve CX through any employee.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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