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Smart Marketing, with ChatGPT: Utilizing GPT-4's New Web Browsing Feature

By Alex Passett May 18, 2023

Let’s say you find yourself in an all hands office meeting where new business marketing tactics are being reviewed. (Or, given today’s age of proliferating digital forums, you’ve landed on a marketing corner of TikTok, a.k.a. “marketingtok.”) As you exit one scenario or the other, there’s a decent chance you take away some solid know-how in the vein of marketing. (Of course, unless the office meeting wasn’t productive or the TikToker you watched sort of went off the rails in their video.)

And in 2023, the consumption of such marketing content (i.e. in the office or on TikTok) will likely relate to the topic on nearly everyone’s brains:


So, we’ve got select ways in which we intake and learn information (e.g. strategies for marketing) as well as how ChatGPT is still very much a talk-of-the-town phenomena.

Let’s put these together.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you have access to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4. Just this week, OpenAI released two early access GPT-4 features, one of which is web browsing. This is, per the company, “a version of ChatGPT that knows when and how to browse the internet to answer questions about more recent topics and events.” Granted, it’s got that “Beta” tag everywhere when you use it (to really stress that this is not its final form), but it still works.

And marketers, in particular, will want to take advantage of this.

Here’s an example as to why:

A marketer (let’s call him Jimbo) needs to restructure his Facebook ad campaigns. Using the GPT-4 web browsing feature, Jimbo will be able to do what previously wasn’t really possible; that is, entering any website URL and ChatGPT providing to-the-minute results, as opposed to being limited to September of 2021. (A reminder, though. Jimbo will still need to double-check the results later for potential hallucinations that ChatGPT might’ve processed.)

So, Jimbo prompts ChatGPT with his company’s URL (let’s call it GPT-4’s new capabilities will be able to tell Jimbo exactly how to structure those Facebook ad campaigns.

With ChatGPT’s web browsing, Jimbo can write the following:

"Hi, ChatGPT. It’s me, Jimbo. Would you please structure Facebook conversion objective campaigns based on this URL – Suggest the target audience, plus ad copy that should be used. Compile these in a table format."

Jimbo sure is smart. Now, ChatGPT will create a table with (for the sake of this example) three columns for Campaign, Target Audience, and Ad Copy. In theory, Campaigns may include those for new customers, existing customers, graphic tees, men’s collections, women’s collections, gender-neutral collections, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc. Target Audience information would flesh out the campaign ideas in greater detail, and Ad Copy would come out in two or three concise marketing lines (unless the prompt for ChatGPT instructs otherwise) to incentivize shoppers to check out Jimbo’s shirts.

Conversion focus campaign recommendations, segmented audiences, and ad copy that speaks precisely to those audiences’ personas. All that, churned out by GPT-4 in less than a minute.

So just minutes ago (in hypothetical Jimbo World), Jimbo didn’t know quite where to start, in terms of restructuring his campaigns.

Now, he’s sped past barrier-entry issues and is in the marketing thick of it.

Again, it cannot be emphasized enough to double-check (if not triple-check) what’s being generated, as AI is still prone to hallucinating. That’s just a solid general practice, whether we’re discussing this public beta testing period for GPT-4’s web browsing or simply on a regular basis with AI.

That said, this is empowering for the Jimbos of the world. It’s an exercise in both time-savings and optimizing activity efficiencies.

Should you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus (or you or your teams already do), just navigate to the settings section and toggle on the web browsing feature.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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