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TDCX Announces New AI Consulting Arm

By Tracey E. Schelmetic June 07, 2023

Most companies today are aware that AI can help their business processes in many ways by improving efficiency, cutting down on rote tasks and even helping with the customer relationship. Many of these same companies, however, are overwhelmed with the technology offerings and need guidance in implementing them.

To help fill the need, customer experience solutions provider TDCX announced the launch of its AI consulting arm, TDCX AI. Through the specialized division, TDCX aims to leverage the power of AI to analyze big data, generate insights and unlock opportunities for stronger predictive capabilities and process improvements in the area of CX.

The new entity, TDCX AI, will be led by Ben Sun, senior vice president of TDCX, who brings together TDCX’s expertise in leveraging AI in CX applications. Sun brings more than 20 years of experience in AI strategy, CX digital transformation, corporate venture building, innovation and CX organization design. He will work with a team of 50 specialists with expertise in AI, machine learning, AI automation and advanced business analytics.

TDCC noted that the new AI arm will focus, in part, on leveraging generative AI to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences. Through comprehensive analysis of customer data, the TDCX AI team can help clients identify preferences, habits and behaviors, thereby enabling the creation of tailored CX journeys and targeted marketing strategies. Such levels of personalization will in turn drive customer loyalty and revenue growth.

“Many companies face the challenge of managing large and complex datasets in today’s data-driven world. Within those data lies valuable patterns, trends and correlations between customer preferences and buyer behaviors that are waiting to be tapped,” said Laurent Junique, CEO and Founder of TDCX. “Through our latest initiative, TDCX AI, we will collaborate even more closely with our clients to extract actionable insights to optimize operations and enhance decision-making processes with accuracy and speed. These efforts will help us design the next iteration of digitally enabled customer interactions.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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