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Sprinklr Empowers Businesses with Upgraded Generative AI Bots and a Suite of New Features

By Greg Tavarez July 05, 2023

The global Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market size was $4.18 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow to $16.43 billion by 2030, according to Fortune Business Insights. That said, Sprinklr believes that the CCaaS market, and customer service in general, is ready for a new transformation.

With a firm conviction that both customers and brands deserve more, Sprinklr is poised to disrupt these industries and usher in a new era of innovative solutions. To achieve that, the unified customer experience management platform for modern enterprises unveiled more than 100 new capabilities, including AI and generative AI-powered capabilities, as part of the company’s spring platform release (v. 18.5).

Among the highlights are generative AI-powered bots and conversational AI features, empowering users to build and implement conversational bots more efficiently using dynamic decision trees and knowledge base integration. The platform also offers advanced knowledge base expansion, writing assistance, smart search and auto-translation capabilities, enabling users to quickly build a robust knowledge base and provide accurate and multilingual support.

To ensure more accurate and efficient live chat conversations, Sprinklr introduces AI+ features, such as automated generation of chat responses in multiple languages, video call and case summaries, and smart composition while customers are typing. These enhancements improve the overall customer and agent experience, fostering smoother and more effective communication.

Sprinklr's platform update also includes over 16 AI-powered CCaaS features aimed at boosting agent productivity. These features encompass auto summarization of cases, reply assistance, extraction of relevant responses from the knowledge base and auto dispositions for cases, among others. By streamlining and automating various aspects of the customer service workflow, Sprinklr enables agents to work more efficiently and deliver exceptional support.

“Sprinklr believes that customer service and CCaaS markets are ripe for disruption and customers and brands deserve more,” said Sprinklr Chief Technology Officer Pavitar Singh. “As vendors rush to deliver new AI features, Sprinklr is demonstrating the real-world capabilities possible when AI is built across a unified platform and designed to be both open and scalable.”

In addition to their focus on customer service and CCaaS, Sprinklr's platform release includes significant updates across their other core product suites: Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social. These enhancements bring forth a range of AI-driven capabilities, enabling users to harness generative AI for faster and more powerful insights, enhance productivity in paid and organic content creation, and improve community management and team productivity within social platforms.

Sprinklr Insights empowers users with generative AI+ for faster and more powerful insights. AI-generated queries generate themes, queries, keywords, hashtags, and phrase suggestions, reducing the time to insights by up to 90%. Additionally, on-demand AI-generated summaries provide quick understanding of long-form content.

In Sprinklr Marketing, generative AI simplifies and accelerates the briefing process, improving productivity and efficiency for paid and organic content. AI enhances content quality, saving time by simplifying, rewording, translating, fixing spelling/grammar, altering length and modifying tone. AI-powered features edit image templates, lowering costs and producing high-impact advertising content.

And finally, Sprinklr Social enhances community management, governance, and team productivity. New integrations with WeChat, Amazon Q&A and Microsoft Teams aid effective community management and engagement. Share configurations at user/user group and workspace/workspace group levels strengthen governance, preventing unauthorized access. Multiple translations support efficiency in entities like macros.

“New Sprinklr AI+ capabilities are helping the largest and most complex enterprises supercharge agent productivity and automate tasks and processes with AI,” said Singh. “We are helping our customers transform their contact centers and customer experiences, while preserving the level of governance, compliance and data privacy that large brands require.”

These robust features and advancements across Sprinklr's product suites further solidify the company’s goal as they look to reshape the CCaaS market.

Edited by Alex Passett
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