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ComputerTalk and Tethr Partner to Mine Customer Interactions for Conversational Intelligence

By Tracey E. Schelmetic July 20, 2023

When customers talk to agents, they drop a lot of hints about their likes, dislikes and needs in their conversations. In past years, most of this information was wasted because there was no way to harvest the information and turn it into data that could be helpful. Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, things are changing; more companies are “harvesting” intelligence from customer conversations.

Quebec-based ComputerTalk, developer of ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams, and Tethr, an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership to help companies improve contact center performance and overall customer experience. ComputerTalk's ice Contact Center is a Microsoft Teams-native contact center solution designed to modernize the call center with business application integrations, AI and analytics across all communication channels, helping organizations deliver outstanding customer experiences. Tethr is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that combines AI and machine learning (ML) to surface insights from customer conversations from any communications channel and provide organizations with practical and proven steps to improve customer service metrics.

Under the terms of the partnership, the two software platforms will integrate to provide ice Contact Center customers the ability to discover AI-driven insights they can use to improve customer service performance by reducing operating costs, lowering churn risk, and improving sales conversion.

"We are excited to work with ComputerTalk to deliver an integrated solution for the Microsoft Teams contact center ecosystem," said Robert Beasley, CEO of Tethr, in a statement. "Tethr's powerful analytics will enable ice customers to gain insights into their customer interactions and provide them with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience."

For its part, ComputerTalk noted that the partnership will better enable it to provide its customers with an even more comprehensive set of tools to manage customer interactions.

"Our joint solution will provide businesses with a deeper understanding of their customers and enable them to improve their processes and strategies to deliver a world-class customer experience,” noted Jean-Nicolas Robitaille, Vice President of Product Experience at ComputerTalk.

Edited by Alex Passett
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