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Now Available from Zoom: Workforce Engagement Management Suite for Contact Centers

By Alex Passett September 26, 2023

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the name “Zoom” was basically repurposed as a noun with a renewed connotation, as well as a verb and even a catchphrase of sorts, as The New York Times writer Emma Goldberg describes:

“Set up the Zoom for us, please,” for example.

“Let’s just do a quick Zoom call.”

Or even, “Man, that Zoom fatigue is starting to feel real.”

Goldberg words it very well: While revenue for the video conferencing company soared in 2020 due to the necessity of remote work – now more so hybrid, on account of many orgs’ decisions to roll back some pandemic-era remote-everything promises – there’s a need for new, flexible Zoom-centric solutions for individual users at home, at the office, and at contact centers.

Let’s shift, in terms of the rest of this coverage, to that last part:

Zoom and contact centers.

Just last week, Zoom announced the general availability of its Workforce Engagement Management suite, which includes Quality Management and Workforce Management for its Contact Center customers. (Part of Zoom’s customer experience, or CX, solutions portfolio that helps support teams in creating more efficient workflows.) The Workforce Engagement Management suite (or WEM) bolsters Zoom’s CX offerings; it empowers a user (or teams or users) to scale operations, optimize agents’ schedules, address undue staffing challenges, provide valuable feedback and coaching opportunities to increase motivation and performance, etc. Both of WEM’s solutions are fully integrated with the Zoom cloud contact center infrastructure to ensure intuitive familiarity for all users.

More details below.

The Zoom Quality Management part of WEM is an AI-powered CX tool that enables a contact center to more reliably:

  • Review customer interactions: Help save teams valuable time by evaluating customer interactions at scale with the power of AI and automation. This way, more time can be spent on developing agent performance, rather than sorting through and manually listening to call recordings.
  • Harness AI-powered speech analytics: Uncover insights, scan conversations, and identify areas of improvement with quote-unquote “good questions,” “next steps,” important context following through the “interaction summary,” and callouts of major topics and speaker-specific indicators.
  • Establish quality assurance: Assess the quality of both agent and customer interactions to identify areas for improvement. Review agent KPIs with an agent summary feature, identify coaching and training opportunities, and zero in on key areas for improvement via scorecards, calibrations, and automations.

The Zoom Workforce Management part of WEM ensures that contact center teams are well-equipped with the right number of agents to meet customer demands. Then, contact center leaders can more easily forecast staffing, automate scheduling, and manage workloads to meet demand requirements.

  • Forecasting: Workforce Management leverages AI models so leaders can pull data directly from Zoom Contact Center into forecasts to analyze historical trends, determine future staffing needs, and predict call volume and handling time, supporting simplified scheduling for up to a month in advance.
  • Scheduling: This facet of WEM automates and optimizes schedules (i.e. based on forecasted data) to generate recurring schedules that are simpler to adjust. By actioning this, team leads can map agent status, automate calculations without miles of spreadsheets, see agent activities, manage work shifts, schedule groups, and build flexible schedules, all from Zoom.
  • Intraday management: Monitor real-time adherence to quickly respond to unplanned events and staffing needs. See real-time adherence metrics for agent performance in segments to help identify opportunities for improvement.

“Zoom Workforce Engagement Management suite removes the need for multiple vendors to help customer experience and support leaders streamline contact center operations and transform their customer experience, all on one platform,” said Kentis Gopalla, Head of Workforce Engagement Management and Product Ecosystem for Zoom Contact Center. “The contact center is at the heart of every customer experience, and the Workforce Engagement Management suite ensures that Zoom customers have everything they need to deliver excellence to their customers.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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