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Qtrac and Mint Group Partner for New, Customized Customer Queuing Solutions

By Tracey E. Schelmetic December 06, 2023

Managing the customer queue is one of the most challenging tasks in the contact center. It can’t be solved simply by adding more staff; this is expensive and wasteful and leaves agents idle during slower periods. Call centers also need to beware the perils of under-staffing; this leads directly to burned out agents, angry customers and poor reviews that can drive away future sales. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance, or optimization, of the workforce when it comes to queuing.

Virtual queue management and appointment scheduling solutions provider Qtrac recently announced that it entered a partnership with Mint Group, an Azure IT solution provider with a well-established market presence in international markets, as well as a significant presence in South Africa. The goal of the partnership is to achieve seamless integration of Qtrac's queue management systems with Mint Group's robust Azure IT solutions.

The two companies plan to pursue new, customized solutions that reduce customer wait times, increase transaction speeds, optimize staff allocation, automate messaging announcements and provide data-driven insights into customer behaviors and service efficiency.

"This partnership is an excellent opportunity to address markets that are experiencing a digital transformation in brick-and-mortar customer service operations," said Lorenzo Brizzi, Qtrac's Strategic Partnerships Director. "By combining our strengths, we aim to establish a compelling value proposition that can withstand competitive pressures and adapt to rapidly changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements."

Mint Group will also benefit by incorporating Qtrac's advanced queue management systems into its suite of technology. The company will be able to offer more holistic, end-to-end customer experience solutions to its clients and to fill the growing post-COVID-19 demand for contactless solutions and improved customer experiences. The collaboration also aims to accelerate innovation within both companies while strengthening their competitive positions in the global marketplace.

"We are excited to partner with Qtrac to expand our reach and deliver best-in-class queue management solutions to our customers," Carel du Toit, CEO of Mint Group, said in a statement. "This partnership will help us to further our mission of providing innovative solutions that improve the customer experience and make businesses more efficient."

Edited by Alex Passett
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