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By Greg Tavarez December 21, 2023

Let’s say you have a honeymoon itinerary crafted with a travel agency that promises Parisian strolls beneath twilight skies and sun-kissed Tuscan vineyard tours. However, when it’s time for the honeymoon, the dream vacation devolved into a travel agency odyssey.

The honeymoon began with a missed connection, and the travel agency assured they'd rebook with no issues. Well, that meant a 17-hour layover in an airport miles from Paris. Once you finally touch down in the City of Lights, you discover the "charming Parisian flat" was a fifth-floor walk-up overlooking a noisy construction site. Emails to the travel agency bounced into a black hole, your honeymoon dissolving into a series of frantic calls to airlines, hostels and credit card company.

By the time you reached Tuscany, exhaustion has taken over, and that dream trip turned into a cautionary tale about the fine line between travel adventure and agency-inflicted purgatory.

But using a travel agency does not have to end in a nightmare. Communication is key between customer and agency; therefore, it is critical that travel agencies like can connect over multiple channels to ensure customers see these updates to their travel plans. To do that, announced it is leveraging Vonage's SMS API to engage with customers wherever they are in a timely manner for better engagement and a better overall customer experience.

Vonage, a provider of cloud communications, facilitates businesses in expediting their digital transformation through its fully programmable communications platform. This platform integrates video, voice, chat, messaging, AI and verification into existing products and systems.

Vonage's conversational commerce application allows businesses to develop AI-driven omnichannel experiences, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction. The company's UC, contact center and conversational commerce applications, built on the Vonage platform, further enable flexible and transformative communication and operations, in office and remotely.

Learn more about CX from John Antanaitis, vice president, global portfolio marketing, Vonage, during the Future of CX Expo, February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With the Vonage SMS API, will have that extra layer of support for customers by delivering timely communications when needed. This includes confirming that messages are received and encouraging them to act.

“Vonage's CPaaS platform makes it easy to embed verification, fraud detection, automated alerts — not to mention voice, video, and customer insights — directly into every traveler interaction, leading to better communications, connections and engagement,” said Vikram Khandpur, Senior Vice President CPaaS Products and Developer Experience, Vonage.

For, this kind of proactive engagement has reduced the number of inbound customer support contacts and helped make the overall travel experience even smoother.

“Thanks to the Vonage SMS API we are able to reliably communicate with customers worldwide - and not only that, we have the ability to confirm the status of messages sent to be sure that our customers are getting the important details they need for a smooth trip,” said Pavel Reznícek, Group Product Manager for

To hear more from Antanaitis about CPaaS and APIs in CX, join him for his session at Future of CX Expo, taking place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. At Future of CX Expo, discuss the latest research and development in the CX field and tools needed to launch applications of future of CX in a range of industries.

Edited by Alex Passett
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