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Talkdesk Debuts Support Solution Designed for Higher Education

By Tracey E. Schelmetic December 29, 2023

Today, many customer experience (CX) solutions are tailored for retailers, leaving other types of organizations in the dark (even though they, too, have significant needs for robust communications).

Higher education is one of those industries. Though they don’t have “customers,” per se, they have deep and complex needs to communicate with students about all manner of issues, from credits and tuition to course choices, academic issues, on-campus dispute resolutions and more. They also need to regularly communicate with staff as well as donors to ensure the regular flow of funds.

Well, contact center solutions provider Talkdesk recently announced a new industry-specific packaged solution: Talkdesk Education Smart Service. The solution was designed to bring cohesion to disparate stakeholder-oriented teams at colleges and universities, and ensures students, staff, donors, and other stakeholders receive consistent, personalized, and inclusive customer service in all interactions.

Departments on and off campus (including admission and student services, auxiliary services, fundraising, healthcare, and help desks) have wide-ranging functions and service delivery requirements. As such, they often operate disconnected from one another with disparate processes, data repositories, and systems, resulting in an inconsistent, inconvenient experience for students, staff, and others.

Talkdesk Education Smart Service equips departments with the tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) they need to deliver fast and excellent service, while also integrating with CRMs, academic schedulers, and other systems of record (SORs). This approach speeds time to response and resolution and ensures a consistent, seamless customer service delivery, whether the engagement is with a high-stakes donor or is a simple student housing inquiry.

Key feature capabilities of Talkdesk Education Smart Service impact higher education establishments, agents, and stakeholders (as well as students, donors, staff and etcetera, as previously mentioned) in multiple meaningful ways, including scaling up to meet seasonal needs, streamlining admissions, improving student and parent satisfaction scores, supporting staff, increasing donations, and the responsible use of AI.

“Higher education institutions are operating in a complex environment of declining enrollment numbers and other factors,” said Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk's founder and CEO. “As universities and colleges adapt, a modern cloud contact center solution that maximizes AI for scale and meets colleges and universities’ unique customer service requirements will be critical to their success. With Talkdesk Education Smart Service, seamless CX can quickly become a reality as well as a real contributor to increasing donations, student satisfaction and establishment reputation, plus tightening operational spend.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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