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ITEXPO Keynoter Avaya's AI Platform Earns Top Spot in Industry Report

By Greg Tavarez February 05, 2024

Remember the days of interminable hold music and robotic voices guiding you through endless menus? Thankfully, the contact center landscape has since changed quite a bit, due to AI. Largely gone are the frustrations of automated systems that can't understand a basic query, and entering is a new generation of "virtual agents" built with generative AI (GenAI), capable of offering intelligent, personalized and even collaborative support alongside human agents.

This isn’t something you only see in science fiction now. Companies across various industries are already embracing GenAI technology to transform their contact centers. These AI-powered virtual assistants can handle routine inquiries, troubleshoot common issues and even answer complex questions with surprising nuance.

These virtual agents can also work in tandem with human representatives and provide real-time support and insights. For example, a customer service representative with information gathered by the virtual agent beforehand can immediately delve into the heart of a customer’s issue. This saves time and frustration, to be sure.

AI-powered contact centers can operate 24/7, offering round-the-clock support regardless of location. They can also analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends and areas for improvement, which leads to more efficient operations and cost savings.

And one company that is assisting organizations implement AI into their contact centers is Avaya. For example, the Avaya Experience Platform is a one-stop shop for AI-powered contact center innovation. Whether an organization’s contact center is already in the cloud or they're seeking a hybrid approach, cloud-based solutions help connect every touchpoint.

Learn more from Avaya during a keynote presentation featuring Alan Masarek, President and CEO of Avaya, at ITEXPO 2024, taking place February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Also, Jay Patel, GVP, Product Management of Avaya, will speak at Future of CX Expo, also in Fort Lauderdale.

It’s because of solutions like the Avaya Experience Platform that, for the fifth consecutive year, Avaya was recognized as a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centers 2024. The Aragon Research Globe is a market evaluation tool that graphically depicts Aragon Research’s evaluation of a specific market and its component vendors.

Aragon Research examined major providers in a market that focuses on all forms of collaboration and communication based on its three dimensions that enable comparative evaluation of the participants in each market. “Leaders” are noted as having comprehensive strategies that align with industry direction and market demand and perform effectively against those strategies.

“Avaya’s multi-cloud approach, reinvigorated leadership team, and refreshed products make the company one to watch," said Jim Lundy, CEO and founder, Aragon Research.

Avaya's focus on innovation extends beyond new technology - it supports organizations' existing infrastructure and enables a smooth transition to the cloud. Businesses can leverage Avaya's hybrid cloud deployments to transform their on-premises communications and contact centers without disruptive infrastructure overhauls. This approach allows for immediate improvements in both customer and employee experiences.

Avaya Call Center Elite agents benefit from advanced functionalities like personalized unified WebRTC desktops, enhancing their effectiveness. Organizations can also integrate digital channels from the cloud, which offers customers multiple contact options without altering existing call flows. This flexibility lets businesses add new technologies as needed to help drive better outcomes while protecting their existing investments.

“Avaya’s API-first strategy enables us to bolster connectivity with third-party applications such as those used to build virtual agents while paving the way for a more integrated and flexible ecosystem and delivering an enhanced customer experience,” Patel stated.

Demand for the modern contact center is present, but as Lundy said, “the race has only just begun for intelligence within it.” And Avaya is a “Leader” in that race.

To hear more from Masarek and Patel, join them for their sessions at ITEXPO 2024 and Future of CX Expo, taking place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. Since 1999, ITEXPO has combined educational conference programming with a robust exhibit hall, networking events, and other activities, bringing together buyers and providers of business technology products and services that drive business success.

Edited by Alex Passett
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